How To Glue Vinyl Ceiling Stickers

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How To Glue Vinyl Ceiling Stickers
How To Glue Vinyl Ceiling Stickers

Video: How To Glue Vinyl Ceiling Stickers

Video: How To Glue Vinyl Ceiling Stickers

A versatile means of renovating a room's interior is vinyl decals. It is easy and convenient to mount them on the walls, and they hold for a long time. The situation with ceiling surfaces is a little worse in terms of installation, since it is difficult for one to glue vinyl stickers on the ceiling, especially large ones.

How to glue vinyl ceiling stickers
How to glue vinyl ceiling stickers

It is necessary

Vinyl sticker, dry paint brush, soft rags, plastic spatula, pencil


Step 1

Attaching decorative vinyl decals during surface preparation requires a minimum of cost and effort. The surface of the ceiling must be cleaned of cobwebs, dust and dirt. You can use a dry paint brush for this. Run it all over the ceiling, carefully removing dust. If the finishing materials of your ceiling allow, you can wipe it with a soft damp cloth and, after the surface is completely dry, proceed to the next step.

Step 2

Take your sticker and, after taking all measurements, mark the ceiling. Since sticking stickers on the stream is not very convenient, the markings will help you position it as accurately as possible.

Step 3

Place the vinyl decal on any flat surface and very carefully separate it into the backing and backing. It is not necessary to peel off the entire surface of the sticker immediately. For comfortable work, it will be enough to divide a small area, about 10 cm long. Separate the film in the area from which you will start your work.

Step 4

Apply the cut-off section of the sticker to the ceiling according to the previously marked markings. Gradually continue to peel back the backing from the film, while pushing down the sticker with a plastic spatula. This is to remove all the air. If there are bubbles on the surface of the glued vinyl, the sticker will come off very soon. You can replace the plastic spatula with a dry soft cloth.

Step 5

Once the vinyl decal is fully adhered, you can remove the clear tape from the decal to facilitate installation. Repeat the entire surface of the glued vinyl decal with a soft cloth, correcting any irregularities.

Step 6

Thus, you can easily stick not only small and medium, but also large vinyl decals. You can also glue them yourself, but before that you will have to cut them into convenient parts with a sharp clerical knife. In this case, the markings should indicate the exact location of each part. To check this, attach parts of the sticker after applying the markings, if necessary - correct it. You need to glue the parts end-to-end, try to do this the first time, as when re-gluing the vinyl decals hold much worse.

Step 7

You can also make a vinyl sticker for your home yourself. To do this, the drawing you need must be transferred to ordinary vinyl film. After that, the film is cut and glued to the ceiling. You need to glue it to the ceiling in the same way as usual.

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