How To Create A CD Cover

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How To Create A CD Cover
How To Create A CD Cover

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If the discs with movies and music bought in the store are already equipped with bright labels to distinguish them from each other, then the self-recorded media is unattractive and inconspicuous. To make your baby's photo disc or wedding video stand out from others, buy a separate box for it and create a colored cover.

How to create a CD cover
How to create a CD cover

It is necessary

  • - Photoshop program;
  • - color printer;
  • - thin photographic paper.


Step 1

Use Photoshop to create the cover. First, size the sheet with the dimensions of the disc box. Divide the sheet into three parts - front, back and a narrow strip in the center, the end of the disc.

Step 2

Open the wallpaper for the cover of the disc. This can be a photograph, drawing, or a special template for the disc. If the value does not correspond to the specified sheet dimensions, change it by clicking the "Edit", "Transform" menu.

Step 3

Place different elements against the general background - wedding photos, baby photos. To make them look organic, find or make your own frames and place them on a separate layer. Between the background and the layer with frames, create another layer - on it and add the selected photos. Use the eraser tool to erase any excess so that the contours of the photo do not go beyond the frame.

Step 4

Adjust the size and shape of all elements (frames and photos) using the "Edit", "Change" menu. Be careful when changing photos - hold down the Ctrl key so as not to disturb the proportions. When the image is the size you want, press Enter.

Step 5

In order for the layers to combine with each other and look like a single whole, use different program functions: level correction, layer transparency, brightness and contrast, filters, etc.

Step 6

Add the title of the disc, for example, "Our wedding", "Anniversary", "Our baby, 3 years old". To write text, press the "T" button in the toolbar on the left, select a font, size and color (at the top of the screen). Then click in the place where the inscription will be located, and in the resulting window write the text.

Step 7

Duplicate the name on the central strip, which will be located at the end of the disc. Press the "T" button again, select a smaller font in the settings, change the direction of the text to vertical.

Step 8

When the original cover for the disc is ready, print it on thin photo paper, trim off the excess edges and place it in the box.

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