How To Determine The Genre Of A Work

How To Determine The Genre Of A Work
How To Determine The Genre Of A Work

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Since ancient times, literature has been divided into genera: epic (where the writer artistically comprehends reality), lyric (where the world of the author's feelings and emotions is revealed) and dramatic (in which the characters reveal their inner world through their actions). The next tier in the classification of literary works is genre. Having learned the distinctive abilities of the main genres, you can determine the genre of a particular work.

How to determine the genre of a work
How to determine the genre of a work


Step 1

Explore the epic genre of literature. The following genres belong to it: - story: a relatively small prose work (from 1 to 20 pages) describing an incident, a small incident or an acute dramatic situation in which the hero finds himself. The story usually takes no more than one or two days in duration. The scene may not change throughout the story;

- story: a fairly voluminous work (on average 100 pages), where from 1 to 10 heroes are considered. The scene may change. The validity period can cover a significant period, from one month to a year or more. The story in the story unfolds vividly in time and space. In the lives of heroes, significant changes can occur - moving, weddings, wars, partings and meetings;

- novel: large epic form from 200 pages. A novel can trace the lives of characters from birth to death. Includes an extensive storyline system. Time can touch past epochs and be carried far into the future;

- an epic novel can consider the life of several generations.

Step 2

Check out the lyrical genre of literature. It includes the following genres:

- ode: a poetic form, the theme of which is the glorification of a person or event;

- satire: a poetic form that aims to ridicule any vice, situation or person deserving of ridicule

- sonnet: a poetic form with a strict compositional structure. For example, the English model of a sonnet, which has at its end two obligatory stanzas containing some kind of aphorism;

- the following poetic genres are also known - elegy, epigram, free verse, hokku, etc.

Step 3

The following genres belong to the dramatic genre of literature: - tragedy: a dramatic work, in the finale of which there is the death of a hero. Such an ending for the tragedy is the only possible solution to the dramatic situation;

- comedy: a dramatic work in which the main meaning and essence is laughter. It can be satirical or kinder in character, but every incident in a comedy makes the viewer / reader laugh;

- drama: a dramatic work, in the center of which is the inner world of a person, the problem of choice, the search for truth. Drama is the most widespread genre these days.

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