Journalist Artem Sheinin: Biography, Personal Life, Work On Television

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Journalist Artem Sheinin: Biography, Personal Life, Work On Television
Journalist Artem Sheinin: Biography, Personal Life, Work On Television

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Artem Sheinin is a journalist, host of Vremya Pokazhet and First Studio, a member of the Russian Television Academy, author of books on the military theme, and one of those who created the Pozner program. Known for the sensational statement "I also killed."

Journalist Artem Sheinin: biography, personal life, work on television
Journalist Artem Sheinin: biography, personal life, work on television

Artem Grigorievich Sheinin is an ambiguous personality. As a journalist and TV presenter, he is an experienced, responsible person, endowed with talent and dedicated to his work, but his behavior on television causes outrage in viewers. After all, Sheinin allows himself to offend talk show participants, and sometimes even resorts to assault.

Childhood and youth

Date of birth Sheinin: January 26, 1966 Born in Moscow. There are two versions of his nationality: according to one, Artyom Grigorievich is Jewish, according to the other - half Yakut, half Russian.

The upbringing of the future journalist was handled by grandparents, since Artyom's mother had to work hard: she raised her son alone. Sheinin's grandfather worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, participated in the Second World War, was a prisoner of the Gulag under Article 58, and was released in 1955 with a cleared conviction. It was from him that Artyom learned a lot about the history of the USSR and its policies, prominent figures of that time. And one of Sheinin's favorite books then was The History of Diplomacy.

At school, in addition to studying, the future journalist was fond of hand-to-hand combat. In 1983 he received a certificate, but did not continue his education at the institute - he ended up in military service in Afghanistan. Sheinin wanted to fight, and, being part of the Soviet troops, he participated in dozens of military operations.

Artem Grigorievich served in the airborne troops. For 2 years he has gone through a lot: the death of friends, acquaintances, he killed himself, saw a lot of cruelty. All this was reflected in his views and character.

After graduating from the service, Sheinin returned to Moscow as a sergeant of the Airborne Forces, but the situation at home was not easy: the USSR was disintegrating, the union republics were disconnected, the way of life of people was changing rapidly. Artem Grigorievich had to adapt to the new conditions.

Sheinin entered the Faculty of History at Moscow State University. Despite the high requirements for admission, he coped without problems: from school he was capable and purposeful. And it was during his student years that Artem Grigorievich decided to become a journalist, he wanted to engage in political and historical reviews. In 1993, Sheinin successfully graduated from Moscow State University and received a diploma.

Career development

After graduating from his studies, Artem Grigorievich traveled across Russia, working as an anthropologist, and visited the most remote corners of the country - Chukotka and Sakhalin. Somehow he caught sight of a newspaper advertisement about a casting on RTR - they were looking for a host for the talk show "Endless Journey". Sheinin didn’t pass the audition, but the producer advised him to write the scripts. The future journalist was then 28 years old.

In 1995, he already collaborated with the Rossiya channel: he wrote scripts for travel programs. In 1997, the program "National Interest" appeared, and Sheinin joined the team of its editors. In addition, he:

  • helped in the creation of documentary projects for the NTV channel, such as "Afghan trap" or "Congress of the Vanquished";
  • was the leading editor of the TV show The Forgotten Regiment;
  • worked as an editor of programs "Together", "Times", "Classmates".

Sheinin worked with enthusiasm, day and night, since all these projects were of a historical or documentary nature, which attracted him so much. He worked with many TV channels:

  • NTV;
  • RTR;
  • ORT;
  • TVS and others.

And in 2000 he began to cooperate with Vladimir Pozner. For 8 years he was the chief editor of Posner's program "Times", which was closed because there was no opportunity to openly criticize and talk about important things. Since 2008, Sheinin began to direct a new TV show - "Posner". And from 2007 to 2009 he managed to work on the 2x2 channel as a voice actor. And in the voice of Sheinin, characters from cartoons such as:

  • "Bad Boy";
  • Doctor Katz;
  • "Aqua Teen Hunger Force".

In 2008, Channel One began showing "One-Story America" ​​- a series of films about the trip of Urgant, Posner and Brian Kahn across the United States. Sheinin was the creative producer of this project and traveled with the film crew.

Work on television was the main one for him, but not the only one: Sheinin wrote books. In 2012, his story "I was lucky to return" was published, about the times of service in Afghanistan. In 2015 - the book "Airborne Assault Brigade".

In 2016, Artem Grigorievich was offered the position of host of the political show "Time will Show". And the former presenter, Pyotr Tolstoy, went into politics as vice-speaker and deputy of the State Duma. And together with Ekaterina Strizhenova and Anatoly Kuzichev, Sheinin began work on Time Will Show.

Personal life

Now Artem Grigorievich is married for the second time. They divorced their first wife, and from this marriage the journalist has a son, Dmitry, born in 1989. Now he already lives independently and separately from his parents.

In the second marriage, a son, Grigory, and a daughter, Daria, were born. Sheinin's second wife, Olga, is six years younger than her husband. Now she is engaged in children and household. However, she is a chemist by profession, and earlier, during her acquaintance with Artyom Grigorievich, she was engaged in business.

Sheinin devotes his free time from work to his hobbies: yoga and boxing. He travels a lot, loves Italy, considering a country that is close to him in spirit. But Artem Grigorievich does not like to advertise his personal life, but it is known that he is happy in marriage.

Artem Sheinin now

Shane received a nomination for TEFI in 2017 for his work as the host of the political show First Studio. But even then, viewers perceived him ambiguously due to harsh statements about the West and the manner of conducting programs. In the end, this man once brought a bucket with brown contents and the words "shit" into the studio, which was intended for a guest from Ukraine, the observer of Zaporozhye.

When the First Studio project was closed, Sheinin became the main host of Vremya Pokazhet. And when there was a release about the DPR fighter Arseny Pavlov who died in Ukraine, Artem Grigorievich spoke in his defense with the phrase “I also killed”, which quickly caused a wide public outcry.

In 2018, Sheinin, discussing the reaction of Russian fans to the defeat of the team in the third match of the tournament, used obscene language on the air of Channel One. There is an opinion that for this the journalist will be punished with an "internal punishment".

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