Elena Proklova: Biography And Personal Life

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Elena Proklova: Biography And Personal Life
Elena Proklova: Biography And Personal Life

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One of the most beautiful artists in the country - Elena Proklova - today has a very voluminous professional filmography. However, at present, her fans are shocked by odious statements that are extremely intimate.

Purposeful face of a man of action
Purposeful face of a man of action

One of the most beautiful actresses of the Soviet and Russian theater and cinema with an original creative destiny still attracts the increased public interest to her person. Elena Proklova is for her fans a real symbol of a Russian woman who has realized herself as a talented artist.

Brief biography of Elena Proklova

The biography of the future movie star began in Moscow from birth on September 2, 1953. Elena's teaching family originates from an old noble family. Her grandfather Viktor Timofeevich, being an assistant director at the Mosfilm film studio, took his granddaughter with him more than once. In addition, the family's dacha was located in the village of artists, and therefore the girl was surrounded by an artistic environment from childhood.

However, the young talent devoted her life to artistic gymnastics, and at the age of eleven she was already able to become a master of sports. From the age of twelve, the girl has been actively acting in films, so she had to finish school as an external student. After receiving a certificate of secondary education, Elena very easily entered the acting department at the Moscow Art Theater School.

In 1973, Proklova finished her studies at the university, being assigned to the troupe of the Moscow Art Theater. Simultaneously with this event, she resumes filming a movie. An interesting fact is that the artist received a second higher education in landscape design.

The debut of the artist in cinema took place at the age of 12 with Alexander Mitta's film "They Call, Open the Door", which at the Venice International Film Festival in 1965 received an award in the category "Children's Films". And then there was the role of Gerda in "The Snow Queen", which at the Bogota Film Festival receives several awards in various nominations. Also, the childhood period of creativity in the film industry was marked by the film works "Transition period" and "Burn, burn, my star".

The next stage in the creative life of the famous artist was the films: "The only one …", "Key without the right to transfer", "Mimino", "Dog in the manger" and so on. Until 1989, Elena Proklova was able to become very popular, having managed to act with many masters of Soviet cinema.

In the days of creative non-existence after the collapse of the USSR, Elena Proklova, like all her colleagues in her creative workshop in our country, disappeared from the public's sight. She returned to the screens in the late "nineties", when she delighted fans with her film works in "Chekhov and K" and "D.D.D. Dossier of detective Dubrovsky ".

In the 21st century, the artist expanded her filmography with only three projects: the comedy of Dmitry Astrakhan "The Yellow Dwarf", the drama of Dmitry Brusnikin "Happiness by Prescription" and the movie "And Mom is Better!"

Particular attention should be paid to the television career of the artist. Since 2002, Elena managed to take part in the reality show "The Last Hero 3: Staying Alive", and as a TV presenter in the program "Malakhov +" (2006 - 2010), in the talk show "Housing and Communal Services".

Currently, Elena has stopped filming in films, but is actively being implemented as an actress in many theaters in the capital.

Elena Proklova loves to surprise her fans with unexpected actions and statements. So, she made public the fact of her intimate relations with famous men of the country: Oleg Tabakov, Andrei Mironov, Oleg Yankovsky. There is a lot of talk about her acceptance of Islam today, but the actress does not recognize this fact. And her severe form of asthma forced in 2017 to write a will and make public repentance to the women of the country, whose husbands turned out to be her lovers at different periods of their lives.

Personal life of the artist

The very intense creative life of Elena Proklova fits perfectly harmoniously into her intimate aspect. Today, the stormy confessions of the artist, which she made in 2016-17, are on everyone's lips. At the age of 16, on the set of the film "Burn, Burn, My Star" the actress had her first "office romance" with Oleg Tabakov.

The first husband of Elena was the director Melik-Karamov, from the marriage with whom the daughter Arina was born. But the marriage was not durable, and the following novels of the star were exclusively "creative" in nature. Particular attention, both in passion and in duration, deserves her relationship with Oleg Yankovsky, who were destined to end only after the termination of pregnancy.

The second husband of the artist was the doctor Alexander Deryabin. But after the death of twin sons in infancy, and their marriage could not resist in the fight against the consequences of such a tragedy. The next husband, Andrei Trishin, turned out to be a friend of the actress's older brother, whom she met in 1984. But here, too, the tragedy of childhood death did not pass Elena by. The born son died at the age of one week. But the family couple endured this event steadfastly, and in 1994 they had a daughter, Polina. However, in 2015, Elena insisted on breaking up with her husband, who is eight years older than her. But the history of this family even today surprises its fans, since now they and Andrei Trishin live together in a country house.

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