Ksenia Alferova: Biography And Personal Life

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Ksenia Alferova: Biography And Personal Life
Ksenia Alferova: Biography And Personal Life

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In order to become a famous artist, it is not necessary to be born into a titular acting family. After all, talent and desires to realize their abilities are an even greater advantage. This is what I would like to note on the example of the biography of Ksenia Alferova.

Beauty and outstanding ability are great strength
Beauty and outstanding ability are great strength

Despite the perfect startup, Ksenia Alferova independently won the fame of a young and talented artist. It is the hardworking character and the ability to make bold decisions that make it possible to speak of the daughter of famous actors of the previous generation as a popular screen star.

Short biography of Ksenia Alferova

Ksenia was born on March 24, 1974 in Sofia (Bulgaria) and joined the creative life very early. The backstage and props of the theater became from the very childhood of Mrs. Alferova a wonderful springboard into the magical world, where she had all the conditions for staging her own "performances".

The daughter of Irina Alferova and Bulgarian diplomat Boyko Gurov did not live long in the homeland of her father's ancestors. Already at the age of two, the famous heartthrob of his generation, Alexander Abdulov, became her adoptive parent. It was he who gave the girl his middle name and adopted her. Only in adolescence, Ksenia learned that the sex symbol of the Soviet era and the People's Artist of Russia is not her own father.

At the age of seven, the girl starred in one of the episodes of the melodrama with her mother. Ksenia graduated from high school in 1992 and entered a law school, which was a family tradition in the field of education on the mother's side.

Having completed an internship in one of the law firms in the UK, the young talent still dropped out of jurisprudence, enrolling in the Moscow Art Theater School. The stage of Sovremennik became a new home for her. However, fans remember her well as a co-host in the most popular TV show of her time, "Look".

Ksenia's real creative success came with her role in the famous television series "Moscow Windows". And then there was the film "Express St. Petersburg - Cannes" (2003) and a starring role. Here, the artist gained invaluable experience of working with American director John Daly and English actor Nolan Hammings.

In 2007, the actress starred in the film "Trap" with her parents in the title role: Alexander Abdulov and Irina Alferova. It was instructive that at the time of filming, their marriage broke up, but this in no way affected the professional attitude to the matter. The film "Santa Claus against his will", directed by Elena Tsyplakova, also received special audience attention.

Personal life of the actress

It is absolutely clear that Xenia, like her mother, had an exclusively acting family. Acquaintance with her future husband - Yegor Beroev - she took place at a press conference, and not on the set. Her husband also has a well-known acting dynasty in the country both on his mother's side (Elena Beroeva is an actress of the Mossovet Theater) and on her father's side (the actor himself and grandfather are familiar to the country from the main role in the film "Major Whirlwind").

In 2001, the couple's love was crowned with marriage, and later with a church ritual. In 2007, a daughter, Evdokia, appeared in the family. The life of Xenia and Yegor cannot be called serene. In 2008, at the stage of implementation of the Ice Age project, Beroev cheated on his wife with Ekaterina Gordeeva, but Alferova, under the intervention of her mother, managed to forgive her husband. And today the marriage is in a stable state.

The charitable foundation "I am", founded by them, also requires special attention, which collects donations in favor of children with unique abilities.

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