How To Remodel A Bike

How To Remodel A Bike
How To Remodel A Bike

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Outdated bicycles in our time cannot compete with their modern counterparts, which are distinguished by greater functionality, light weight, convenience and multiple speeds. However, if you have an old bike, you can try upgrading it with modern details. Converting an old bike into a modern high-speed bike is not that difficult, and it will take less money from you than buying a new bike.

How to remodel a bike
How to remodel a bike


Step 1

Start with the rear wheel. Choose a new hub that is suitable for sports bikes with the same number of spokes as your bike and replace the old hub. If the wheel rim is in poor condition, replace it, and if the condition is decent, the rim can be left.

Step 2

Purchase separately a modern wheel cogwheel and eccentric to be able to quickly remove the wheel from the frame, and then attach it back just as quickly. All modern bicycles are equipped with an eccentric, so this purchase will be very convenient for you.

Step 3

Assemble the wheel carefully, observing the sequence of movements and observing all parameters, or entrust this work to a bicycle mechanic.

Step 4

After modifying the rear wheel, engage in the installation of the speed switch. Get a derailleur that aligns with the six and is attached to the bike frame by the axle, clamped with an eccentric.

Step 5

Attach the manual speed control tool to the handlebar near the right brake, installing all the cables in the correct order.

Step 6

Be sure to recycle your bike's braking system. Buy a caliper brake and mount it on the rear wheel so that you have not only a front brake, but also a rear one. Install the brake lever on the handlebar, pull the cables and shirts to the brake shoe. To install the brake, drill a small hole in the luggage rack mounting plate through which the brake mounting pin will pass.

Step 7

To install additional components on the steering wheel, remove the rubber nozzles-handles from the steering wheel - for this, carefully insert a thin screwdriver between the rubber and metal and pour water into the resulting hole.

Step 8

The rubber cap can be easily removed. To put it back on, wet the inside of the rubber with water again. Distribute the frame feathers to the desired width by stepping on the left feather and pushing the right feather apart. Use a gas wrench to bend the feathers so that the feathers are perpendicular to the wheel axis.

Step 9

Secure the brake and speed cables to the frame with simple metal clamps. Replace the pedals if necessary, and be sure to install a new chain and sprocket on your bike.

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