How Can You Tune Your Bike

How Can You Tune Your Bike
How Can You Tune Your Bike

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Tuning of cars and motorcycles has become commonplace for a long time. Following the trend of fashion, bicycle owners have also taken up the modernization of their two-wheeled vehicles. Improving the bike makes it possible to stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of others. In many cases, tuning not only makes the bike more attractive, but also enhances its functionality.

How can you tune your bike
How can you tune your bike

Bicycle tuning: bright solutions

The first goal pursued by those who have conceived to tune their bike is to create a unique vehicle that does not look like their fellows. Craftsmen are looking for a variety of ways to personalize the bike. Constructive changes are being made, the use of bright painting on the frame and fenders, as well as the attachment of additional devices to the bike that increase its functionality.

The most popular way to give your bike an attractive and unique look is by using lights. LED lamps are best suited for this purpose. You can install them in the most unusual places. Today, it has become especially fashionable to equip wheel rims and nipple caps with LEDs. This makes it possible to provide illumination of the asphalt in the dark.

Bicycle lighting is not only decorative, but functional as well. You can equip the gearshift system with LEDs. In this case, even at night it will be easy to understand which combination is set on the switch block.

If the bike is equipped with a speedometer, it is advisable to integrate the LED lamp into the body of the device. It will become easier to take readings from the speedometer in the dark.

How to tune a bike

You can update almost any part on a bicycle: handlebars, wheels, brakes, shock absorbers, fenders, frame. And yet, the most effort that bike retrofitlers spend on attachments and upgrades. Choosing the type of tuning, you should not mindlessly chase after fashion. It is advisable to understand what improvements will fully reflect your style and manner of riding.

The main focus of the tuning masters is not so much on the outer side of the modernization, but on the functional characteristics. One of the favorite tuning objects is the cyclist's seat. Skillful hands can turn a standard seat into a masterpiece that guarantees long-term comfort. Elastic and flexible inserts, vinyl or leather cover will help ensure a comfortable fit for the cyclist.

For those who like to take long cycling trips, it makes sense to equip your vehicle with a compact bag for useful accessories. It can be purchased ready-made, but it is much more convenient to make a bag with your own hands for specific needs, taking into account the model and color of the bike.

A fashionable accessory among cyclists is a plastic water bottle, which is securely attached to the frame on a special bracket.

Mountain bike owners can be advised to replace standard pedals with contact ones, taking into account the type of shoe in which they intend to ride. It also makes sense to swap regular knitting needles for special ones. They are most often made from high-alloy steel or titanium. Such tuning can, of course, become quite expensive. Therefore, for a start, it is enough to reinforce the rear rim with new spokes, which takes on the main load when driving over rough terrain.

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