Personal Life Of Masha Malinovskaya

Personal Life Of Masha Malinovskaya
Personal Life Of Masha Malinovskaya

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Masha Malinovskaya is one of the most shocking stars of Russian show business. The girl's career in television began with MTV. Now Masha is a TV presenter, deputy and a famous socialite. It's hard to believe, but according to the beauty, as a child she had great difficulties in communicating with classmates. She even considered herself an "ugly duckling". You can hardly believe this when looking at a successful business woman.

Host Masha Malinovskaya
Host Masha Malinovskaya

First unsuccessful marriage

Masha Malinovskaya was born and studied in Smolensk. After graduating from school, the girl went to college and almost at the same time to a modeling agency. A rapid career growth began in the modeling business and Masha decided to move to Moscow.

In the capital, Malinovskaya met her first husband, Sergei Protasov. However, family life did not seem like a fairy tale for long. At the request of her husband, Masha transported a large amount of money across the border, and when the guards detained her and sent her to places of imprisonment, it turned out that Sergei was not going to release his wife from prison.

Almost overnight, a girl loses everything - her family, apartment, money and work. Masha lives with her friends and starts looking for a new way to earn money. On the advice of a friend, she is casting TV presenters. So the girl appeared on the MTV channel. Malinovskaya begins to receive numerous proposals, she is recognized on the streets, she is invited to the brightest events in the capital. Gradually, Masha turns into a real socialite.

Second mistake

In 2009, all glossy publications were full of news - "Masha Malinovskaya is getting married." Denis Davitiashvili became the chosen one of the beautiful presenter. The couple appointed a wedding day, many sources began to talk about Masha's pregnancy. However, this marriage ended just a few years later.

Periodically, numerous articles began to appear in the press that scandals, beatings and betrayals constantly occur in the Malinovskaya family. In addition, it turned out that Denis's ex-girlfriend is pregnant. The family idyll ended in another divorce.

Brief novels

Masha Malinovskaya's personal life is not limited to two marriages. After the first marriage, the rapper Taras became Masha's chosen one, and more recently, a young hockey player Ruben Begunets appeared next to the socialite.

A traditional pre-wedding gift in the life of Masha Malinovskaya is a car. The girl received such surprises three times.

In addition, in Masha's life there was also a failed marriage with the owner of a large company, Yevgeny Morozov. For unknown reasons, the wedding was canceled almost at the last moment.

Most loved man

After prolonged unsuccessful attempts to improve her personal life, Masha Malinovskaya decides to take the most crucial step - the birth of a child. For a long time nothing was known about the father of Masha's son.

In an interview, Masha said that she gave birth to a child from a Chechen businessman, whose name she does not consider necessary to disclose to the public. After Malinovskaya became a mother, her life changed again. The girl regained her natural appearance, began to appear less at secular parties, and gives all her free time to her most beloved man - her son Miron.

Masha Malinovskaya starred in several films and became the author of the book "Men as Machines".

Now Masha Malinovskaya is a deputy, actress, presenter, businessman. In addition, "Mmasha" also became a famous DJ and took up vocals.

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