How To Determine Your Fate By Date Of Birth

How To Determine Your Fate By Date Of Birth
How To Determine Your Fate By Date Of Birth

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Man has always been interested in his future. This interest was satisfied by palmists, astrologers and esotericists. They could predict fate by the lines on the palm, eye color, even body structure. But most often, horoscopes - the algorithms of the life of any person, with which his fate and character were associated, were tied to the date of his birth.

How to determine your fate by date of birth
How to determine your fate by date of birth


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The most popular horoscope by date of birth is the zodiac. According to him, the calendar year is divided into 12 periods, each of them is patronized by its own sign of the zodiacal circle. According to this horoscope, people who were born under a certain sign have a set of the same character traits that determine their behavior in society and fate.

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More detailed is the astrological forecast, which takes into account not only the date, but also the place and time of birth. Such a horoscope can be drawn up for a day, for several days or for a long period. When compiling it, the location of the planets in relation to the date of birth of a person is taken into account. Astrologers claim that it is based on long-term observations of several generations of stargazers. An astrological horoscope in the form of a natal chart helps to predict fate and avoid the dangers that represent the unfavorable arrangement of the planets on certain days and periods. You can also use it to choose the most suitable profession and prioritize in achieving a successful and happy life.

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Numerology is the oldest way of predicting fate by date of birth. Through simple arithmetic manipulations with numbers that determine a person's birthday, certain traits and character traits are assigned to him that affect his fate and behavior in various life situations. According to the numbers obtained as a result, numerologists make up horoscopes that predict the future of a person and the tendencies along which his life will flow. Using it, you can avoid rash, wrong actions, adjust your behavior and fate.

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Another way of the horoscope of the priests of the ancient Celts - the Druids. They believed that every person has a patron - a tree. You can determine your patron tree by date of birth. Each decade of the year is associated with a specific breed. According to the horoscope of the druids, you will learn not only your fate. According to him, people who have one patron tree have the same external characteristics and certain character traits that affect their actions and decisions.

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