How To Set Up A Telescopic Sight

How To Set Up A Telescopic Sight
How To Set Up A Telescopic Sight

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It is simply impossible to realize the real potential of the weapon without first zeroing in the optical sight. Although the setup process itself takes no more than twenty minutes, it requires certain preparations, knowledge and skills.

Optical sight PSO-1
Optical sight PSO-1

First of all, you need to know that optical sights should be adjusted exclusively in the conditions in which they will be used. This is both the type of ammunition and the firing range. Weather conditions play an important role.

Solving the problem of depth of field and focusing distance

The main obstacle to the comfortable use of the sight is the lack of uniform sharpness at different distances to the aiming object. The standard distance at which the scope's sharpness is optimal is 100 meters. But if we are talking about air and subsonic rifles operating at a shorter distance, you can set sharpness by adjusting the objective lens or turning the locking rings of the front lens 1/2 turn and checking the result each time. For effective operation at very small distances (less than 15 meters), a diaphragm must be made for the lens - a circle of opaque material with an outer diameter equal to the diameter of the front end of the sight and an inner diameter of 4-7 millimeters.

Preparation of the polygon, bed and targets

A well-equipped shooting range is necessary for high-quality adjustment and zeroing of the sight. The shooting range should be oriented in a safe direction, free of residential buildings and people. The shooter's bed must be equipped with a stop or a bipod for the rifle.

The verticality of the reticle

The vertical calibration of the sight is a purely individual question. Based on the features of the shooting rack, you need to ensure that the aiming reticle completely coincides with the vertical reference point. To do this, a plumb line is installed in the field, and the rifle is held in the most natural and convenient way for the shooter. The check is done from all shooting positions: standing, kneeling, prone, with and without support. Adjustment is carried out by turning the scope in the mount.

First shooting

Having installed the rifle on the stop, it is necessary to fire at least 10 shots at the target, while aiming as accurately as possible and taking into account the parallax effect. After each shot, the hole in the target should be marked, and the results of the shooting should be recorded, indicating the radial distance from the target and the quarter of the target that was hit. All shots must lie within the same circle, just like when shooting from an open sight. If the sight gets lost, the traces of the shots will form an ellipse. This means that the optics are defective and should be replaced.

Sight calibration

The adjustment drums on the scope can have different correction values ​​for one click. Therefore, if the sight is not accompanied by instructions or inscriptions on the adjusting screws, you should make an adjustment "by eye", firing 10 rounds after each adjustment and changing the target.

Control shooting

After the adjustment of the sight is completed, you should get acquainted with the features of the optics by making a control shot. Shooting is performed without emphasis, from all possible shooting positions. This will allow the shooter to understand how the weapon behaves under various conditions of firing, and to take appropriate corrections, if necessary.

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