How To Aim A Reflex Sight

How To Aim A Reflex Sight
How To Aim A Reflex Sight

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Today, a significant number of scopes used for rifled and smooth-bore weapons have appeared on the market for accessories for hunting weapons. Particular attention among this variety is attracted by the so-called collimator sight. These types of sighting devices, which were originally used in combat aviation, are increasingly popular with hunters. Zeroing of a collimator sight has a number of features.

How to aim a reflex sight
How to aim a reflex sight

It is necessary

  • - hunting weapons;
  • - collimator sight;
  • - paper target;
  • - vice.


Step 1

Familiarize yourself with the principle of operation and the device of the collimator sight. It is an optical system consisting of a prism with a mark (ring and dot), which is projected onto a translucent glass. The hunter observes the target through glass; the point is intended for aiming the weapon at a stationary target, and the ring allows you to select the correct lead when firing at a moving target. This design gives the shooter the ability to quickly take the correct lead and reliably hit the target.

Step 2

When starting to zero in a collimator sight, keep in mind that it is most effective when shooting with a shot at a distance of 35 to 45 m, and for accurate rifle shooting at long distances, such an aiming device may turn out to be completely unsuitable. Zeroing the sight consists of two technological operations and includes the installation of the sight on the weapon and the actual sighting.

Step 3

Secure the base of the scope bracket to the weapon, paying attention to the tightness of the screws and taking care to ensure a tight fit. The tightness of the sight attachment is required to eliminate the knocking down of the device when firing and when removing and installing the sight in case of transporting a weapon.

Step 4

Having installed the sight, secure the gun in a vice equipped with soft covers in the area of ​​\ u200b \ u200bthe jaws. Aim the open sight at the aiming point attached at a distance of 100 m. Use a 50 mm circle made of black paper as a sighting target.

Step 5

Now, looking through the reflex sight, set the center of its reticle to the aiming point. Use lateral and offset handwheels for this setup. After that, several times disconnect the sight and install it again, thereby checking that the installed sight is not knocked down. The final stage includes shooting and the subsequent final adjustment of the aiming mark.

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