How To Write Beautifully Printed Letters

How To Write Beautifully Printed Letters
How To Write Beautifully Printed Letters

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It is believed that in order to write beautifully by hand in block letters, one should complete a calligraphy course. But there is a way to write quickly and beautifully in block letters without any prior training.

How to write beautifully printed letters
How to write beautifully printed letters

It is necessary

  • Markers
  • Rigid transparent sheet
  • Awl
  • Parallel Line Roller
  • Model knife
  • Paper


Step 1

Decide what height and width the printed letters that you are going to apply to the sheet of paper will have, as well as what the pitch between letters and between lines will be.

Step 2

Using a roller ruler and an awl, begin tracing parallel, horizontal lines onto the transparency sheet. The step between them should be equal to the height of the letter, then the distance between the lines, and so on in turn.

Step 3

Now, in the same way, draw parallel vertical lines on a sheet of transparency, the step between which should be equal to the width of the letter, then the distance between the letters.

Step 4

After completing these operations, you will find that the sheet of film is covered with rectangles, the locations of which correspond to the places where the letters were applied. Cut out all these rectangles with a model knife.

Step 5

Now you have a stencil, but not an ordinary one, but a universal stencil that stores only information about the location of signs, and not about their style. And this means that by imposing such a stencil on a sheet of paper, in each of the rectangles you can write a letter of the Russian or Latin alphabet, a number, a punctuation mark, a mathematical symbol or any other sign with a felt-tip pen. And they will all have the same dimensions and are located on the paper in the same even rows.

Step 6

To write text in block letters in an arc, make another special device. It is a strip of transparent film with a hole in one end. Its width and height are equal to the width and height of the letter. The length of the strip is taken slightly more than the radius of the arc along which the text is supposed to be applied. The opposite end of the strip is fixed to a sheet of paper with an awl in the center of the arc. After applying the mark, turn the strip at an angle so that the right edge of the mark coincides with the left edge of the strip, after which the next mark is applied. The distances between the signs turn out to be the same, and they are located along an even arc.

Step 7

Additional expressiveness to the text printed on paper in this way can be given using colored felt-tip pens.

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