How To Prepare Semolina For Fishing

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How To Prepare Semolina For Fishing
How To Prepare Semolina For Fishing

Every avid fisherman knows how to cook semolina for fishing, because it so often helps out when the fish does not bite on any other bait. River dwellers eat semolina especially well on hot summer days. The semolina nozzle is gentle and strong at the same time, it has a fairly plastic consistency and at the same time holds well on the hook. Novice fishermen also need to know how to prepare semolina for fishing. There are several ways.

How to prepare semolina for fishing
How to prepare semolina for fishing

It is necessary

  • - semolina;
  • - water;
  • - pan;
  • - an empty matchbox;
  • - old stocking;
  • - flavors.


Step 1

Take two identical glasses. Pour semolina into one, pour water into the other. The levels must be the same. Pour water into a saucepan and bring to a boil. Pour semolina in a thin stream, while stirring it with a spoon in boiling water. When, with constant stirring, you get a homogeneous mass, remove the pan from the heat, but do not stop stirring the contents. The manka quickly absorbs moisture, make sure that all grains are saturated with it, and there would be no dry lumps. Then cover the pan with a lid and wrap it in a towel or warm handkerchief, let it stand for 20-30 minutes to fully swell. Then wait until the semolina has cooled down enough to hold it in your hands (but it should still be hot), and knead it well with a few drops of fragrant oil. You can divide the swollen semolina into several parts and add different parts to each oil or different flavors, because you never know what flavor will attract the fish this time, its tastes change often. Divide the resulting balls into plastic bags. You can go fishing.

Step 2

Some fishermen do it differently, but their fishing bait is just as good. Take an empty matchbox and fill it tightly with semolina (you can add flavor right away). Close the box and wrap the thread around it on all sides. Dip in boiling water and cook for about an hour. Take out, cool, remove from the box. You should have a semolina block that can be easily cut with a knife into portions of the required size for the fish. Even strong currents will not break such a nozzle off the hook.

Step 3

Finally, another way to prepare semolina for fishing, this time without boiling. Take an old stocking and pour semolina into it (the amount is determined by you, it all depends on how much bait you need). Tie the stocking to the water tap and start rinsing the semolina under running cold water. To speed up the process, place your palm under the bottom of the stocking and methodically raise and lower it, passing water through the semolina. As small particles are washed out of the cereal, the contents of the stocking decrease until something remains in it that looks more like rubber than cereal. Remove the resulting mass from the stocking - the nozzle is ready.