How To Learn To Cross Stitch Quickly

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How To Learn To Cross Stitch Quickly
How To Learn To Cross Stitch Quickly

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Embroidery is not only an interesting but also a useful hobby. With its help, you can decorate both your home and your clothes. At the same time, for a beginner, it is best to start with the study of cross stitch, because it can be learned the fastest.

How to learn to cross stitch quickly
How to learn to cross stitch quickly

It is necessary

  • - canvas;
  • - the cloth;
  • - needles;
  • - threads;
  • - scissors;
  • - embroidery hoop.


Step 1

Find the materials you need. Get the fabric you will be learning to embroider with. It is best if it is with a large plain weave. Also, a good option can be to buy a ready-made canvas, with its help you can learn to embroider with a cross even easier and faster.

Step 2

Additionally, find fine needles and threads for cross stitching, such as floss in a store or at home. The embroidery hoop will also come in handy. They can have a different design or shape; this is not too important for learning embroidery.

Step 3

Hoop the fabric over the hoop and straighten it so that there are no wrinkles on the fabric. Thread the needle. Then start embroidering. On the wrong side, leave a small end of the thread, you should not tie it in a knot, this will make the embroidery sloppy.

Step 4

Sew the first diagonal stitch from left to right. The width of the cross can be different, most often two threads are taken as the standard, but you can start with four.

Step 5

Sew a few more diagonal stitches, then turn back - perpendicular to the existing stitches, sew new ones going from right to left. Thus, all the threads in the crosses will be directed in the same direction, which will make the embroidery more even.

Step 6

Secure the thread to the back of the fabric. This can be done with a small stitch using the wrong side of the crosses. Thus, we can assume that you have learned to cross-stitch in the shortest possible time.

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