How To Upload A Video

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How To Upload A Video
How To Upload A Video

Video: How To Upload A Video

Video: How to Upload Videos on YouTube 2022, October

It is difficult to find a video sharing service on the Internet larger than the famous YouTube. A huge number of videos of various thematic categories, posted by people around the world, attracts more and more users to this video hosting, as well as the ability to upload any of your videos to the network for public viewing. YouTube has a user-friendly interface that allows you to watch any video immediately after loading the web page, online. Nevertheless, despite the fact that today almost everyone has a fast Internet connection, some have to wait a long time for videos to download. In this article, you will learn how to download any YouTube video to watch it on your own computer, without waiting for the video to download online.

How to upload a video
How to upload a video


Step 1

To download video files from YouTube, you will need additional programs or plugins that extract videos from the site, since the video service itself does not provide for the possibility of direct uploading of videos. An example program that can help you is Vdownloader.

Step 2

You can also save videos using various online services and programs that download music and videos from the VKontakte website - their latest versions support downloading videos from YouTube and other video hosting sites.

Step 3

If you don't want to install any software, use the online download service. Open the page with the video you want to download and change its address in the address bar by adding two deuces after the word youtube so that the beginning of the page address looks like this:

Step 4

Press Enter to open the third-party server page and find the Download button on it.

Step 5

Click the button, specify the save path for the video, and download it to your computer. Most often, the downloaded video is in flv format - flash video, and you need an additional codec or special flv player to play it.

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