How To Draw A Venome

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How To Draw A Venome
How To Draw A Venome

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Cartoon characters, along with comic book heroes, have gained popularity and love of children. And we are talking not only about positive images, the guys find charm in negative characters, strong and dexterous. These often appear in children's albums and in the margins of school notebooks. For example, Venom is the villain from the Spider-Man comic.

How to draw a venome
How to draw a venome

It is necessary

  • - a sheet of A4 paper;
  • - a simple pencil;
  • - eraser;
  • - colored markers.


Step 1

As already mentioned, Venom is a negative character, so he is usually drawn in black. In addition, Venom is an almost chaotic accumulation of muscles, it takes the form of the one in whom it possessed.

Step 2

With a simple pencil, draw a vertical line on the sheet. The figure of Venom will be drawn in relation to it.

Use horizontal lines to mark areas of Venom's head, torso and legs. Draw a circle for the head, lengthen the lower part of the circle and make it in the form of a narrow bowl to draw an open mouth.

Step 3

Draw a large circle for the Venom's ribcage, and in the part where the legs should be, draw elongated ovals for the thighs and calf muscles, and small circles for the knees and feet. Draw a smooth transition from the chest to the legs with strokes.

Step 4

On the sides of the chest, draw also elongated ovals for the forearms and arms. Draw small ovals for the intended brushes. Connect all ovals and circles with smooth lines along the outer contour. Use strokes to indicate the muscles. Divide the ovals of the Venom brushes into several sectors. Draw from them with strokes long straight fingers that end in pointed claws. Draw the Venom feet as well.

Step 5

Draw the face of Venom. In the narrow part of the face, draw sharp, uneven thin teeth and a long, curved tongue. Draw the outlines of his evil eyes in the form of two elongated triangles. The inner corners of the eyes are connected at one point.

Step 6

Get rid of unnecessary extra lines with an eraser. Clearly outline the outlines of the Venom, draw its muscles on the arms and legs.

Step 7

Draw the spider webs on Venom's body and chest in a rounded web. Paint the entire Venom black with markers, leaving the eyes, teeth and tongue white.

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