How To Knit A Sports Hat

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How To Knit A Sports Hat
How To Knit A Sports Hat

Knitting a comfortable sports cap is a simple matter. With a certain skill and knowledge of some "secrets", you can knit a hat in one day. It is these secrets that we will reveal in our article.

How to knit a sports hat
How to knit a sports hat


Step 1

Let's try to knit a hat in the simplest way. To do this, you need circular knitting needles and about 200 g of any yarn of your choice. You can also use a set of five knitting needles.

Step 2

First you need to find out the size of the future hat. Measure the circumference of your head by applying a measuring tape from your forehead to the back of your head. It is important to pull the tape as tight as possible. It should be remembered that measurements for different models of hats for one person will differ from each other. Since the sports cap must fit snugly to the head, then when calculating it is necessary to subtract about 5 cm from the size of the head circumference.

Step 3

So cast on 72 stitches on the knitting needles. Divide the stitches into four knitting needles for 18 stitches each.

Now we start knitting with a 2x2 elastic band. Knit about 30 cm.

Step 4

Now let's start decreasing the number of loops. Usually, they begin to decrease the loops about 10 cm before the end of the work. There are many options for cutting loops, and they all depend on the shape of the beanie.

Step 5

In our case, first we will reduce the loops to 54. Knit the front rows with the front ones, as before, and knit the back ones in two loops together.

Step 6

In the next row, knit the front loops over the front loops, and the purl loops over the purl ones.

Step 7

Next, we reduce the number of loops by another 18, we will have 36 of them. Now we knit the front loops two at a time. We knit the purl as before.

Step 8

Next, we reduce the number of loops to 18. To do this, we knit the entire row together in two loops with the front satin stitch.

Step 9

We knit another row with front loops.

Step 10

Now we cut the loops to 9 pieces - in this row we knit two loops together with the front ones. Pull the needle and thread through the remaining loops and fasten.