How To Name A Sports Team

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How To Name A Sports Team
How To Name A Sports Team

Video: How To Name A Sports Team

Video: How To Name A Sports Team
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When a new team appears, the first step is to come up with a name for it. But how to choose one from the endless variety of options that will suit everyone? For many teams, this issue becomes a headache, and sometimes the cause of quarrels between team members. However, if you approach the choice of the name responsibly and thoroughly, then all this can be avoided.

How to name a sports team
How to name a sports team

It is necessary

The unity of the team members, knowledge of their area and history


Step 1

First of all, you need to remember what name the team cannot be given. Of course, the name of the team should not in any way offend human dignity, call for violence, glorify the phenomena condemned by society, etc.

Further, it should be remembered that the name of the team should carry a semantic load. It should become one of the symbols of the team that unites its members. The seriousness of the name choice can affect the responsibility of the team members to perform for it.

Therefore, you should not give the team absurd names that have nothing to do with it and its goals, for example, "Wardrobe", "Salad", etc. Too long names should also be avoided (as a rule, the name consists of one or two words).

Step 2

So what is the guiding principle when choosing a team name? There may be several options.

The easiest one is based on geography. This can be the name of the city or area where your team is based. Notable examples: FC Barcelona, A. C. Milan, Hamburger SV, Bayern Munich (Bayern Munich).

If your team will meet with teams from other cities or regions, then such a name may be very relevant. It can instill pride in athletes in the place they represent and encourage them to perform better. It is worth remembering, however, that such names are very common and may already be taken over by a team from your region. Plus, it's a responsibility, and not all team members may be ready for it.

Step 3

In addition to the name of a city or area, the geographic category includes the names of any significant geographic features in your city. It can be a river, a mountain, the sea - everything that is known outside your city. Famous examples: "Dnipro", "Terek", "Chernomorets", "Mashuk", etc.

Step 4

Since your team is athletic, the varied physical qualities of the team members are an important factor. The enemy must be "intimidated" with them. Therefore, the names of animals are often used for the names of sports teams, which are associated with certain physical qualities: strength, speed, endurance, etc.

Such names are widely used by the teams of the National Hockey League (NHL) and the National Basketball Association (NBA): Chicago Bulls, Chicago Blackhawks, Florida Panters, Phoenix Coyotes, Pittsburg Penguins, etc. As you can see, in such names, the geographic affiliation of the team is adjacent to the name of the animal.

Step 5

If the team belongs to any enterprise or community, then this affiliation can be emphasized in the name, for example: "Energetik", "Vodnik", "Metallurgist".

In addition, any noun associated with strength, purpose, direction, invincibility can be used as the name of a sports team. Very often, various natural phenomena are taken for the names of the teams, for example, in the names of the NHL teams Carolina Hurricanes (hurricanes), Colorado Avalanche (avalanche). Other examples: Wave, Storm, Energy, Arrow, Progress, Bastion.

Step 6

Another principle for choosing a team can be referring to history. This is how the name of the sports community "Spartak" appeared. Other examples: Legion, Knights, Grenadiers. The historical name, again, should be associated with strength and courage.

Step 7

If you can't come up with anything suitable, and your team is recognized only at the local level, then you can simply duplicate the name of a famous team or sports community.