What Are The Interesting Films About Aviation

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What Are The Interesting Films About Aviation
What Are The Interesting Films About Aviation

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A movie about people who conquered heaven is always exciting and unusual. Interesting films about aviation, pilots, airports and everything connected with them were filmed by many directors who captivated the audience.

What are some interesting films about aviation?
What are some interesting films about aviation?


This film with Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role can rightfully be called the most interesting film about aviation. The story of Howard Hughes, who inherited the plant, has spread all over the world. He made an expensive film about the planes of that time, invested in a business, and had an affair with a number of famous actresses. But wealth and fame did not give him real human happiness. Only in flight did he feel free from the dirt on the ground. This is a film about honor, greed, love and courage living in one person.

"Only" old men "go into battle"

Not only Hollywood can make a quality film about pilots. So, in the Soviet Union there was a film about the daredevils of the Second World War. Their everyday life during the harsh wartime was successfully reflected in this tape on the example of one Guards Aviation Regiment. According to the plot, the liberation of Ukraine begins, and the pilots, with their inherent humor, wage a heroic struggle. The mixture of tragedy and irony made this film standout.

Burning flight

This is a classic of American cinema. The film tells about the events of World War II, when American pilots were forced to repulse the militarists of Japan. Much attention is paid to naval aviation. Released in the early 50s, "Burning Flight" is still considered an interesting film about aviation and the fate of pilots.

Iron Eagle

Pilots are always bold. It is about this quality that the film is talking about. A young boy who has learned to fly a fighter wants to be the same hero as his father, the colonel. The guy does not enter the flight school, since he does not hold out in terms of theoretical knowledge. Suddenly it turns out that his father was taken prisoner. Without thinking twice, the boy decides to save the colonel himself, having illegally got the plane.

Gaping blue

This interesting film about aviation tells about the occupation of Czechoslovakia. Several pilots flee from there and become pilots in the UK in a roundabout way. There they get a unique opportunity to fight the occupiers with their aviation talents. A Czech filmmaker who moved to Germany created this picture to show the power of his nation's patriotism.

Red Baron

German film about the events of the First World War. Baron Manfred von Richthofen is considered the best pilot of his time. He treats war as a competition. But falling in love with a girl, the pilot realizes all the horrors of hostilities and realizes that he is being used for propaganda. Despite everything, he continues to fly for the sake of his subordinates, for whom he is responsible.

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