How To Assemble A Hang Glider

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How To Assemble A Hang Glider
How To Assemble A Hang Glider

Video: How To Assemble A Hang Glider

Video: How To Assemble A Hang Glider
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Hang gliding in our time is very popular among outdoor enthusiasts. Now in the world there are many craftsmen who create various types of this aircraft. These can be gliders with or without an engine. But not only masters are given to create masterpieces in the world of hang gliding, but amateurs are also given this opportunity.

How to assemble a hang glider
How to assemble a hang glider

It is necessary

  • - metal pipes. A frame will be made of them;
  • - two wheels;
  • - several cables;
  • - durable canvas.


Step 1

To make a hang glider, take the main parts - the sheathing, the cable guy and the frame. It would also be advisable to use anti-picking and removable wheels. Considerable importance should be given to the diameter of the pipe for the frame. The pipe must be made of high quality metal, as the structure requires strength and lightness. The flying ability of the device depends on how you connect the pipes.

Step 2

Calculate the number of slots correctly. The strength and weight of the entire structure depends on the correct calculation. Connect the side tube and the keel tube at the bow of the glider for better streamlining. Attach a mast to the top of the center node. It will serve as a support for the cables.

Step 3

Fasten the side nodes of the base on the forked base of the structure. Place them separately from pipe connections to avoid pipe joints and aerodynamics. Connect the sidewalls and the steering handle together. The steering system should be comfortable and should not require much effort to maneuver. Ensure that the hang glider is securely fastened and adjusted. To do this, place the cable system at various points in the structure. Now pull the skin over the structure and the glider is completely ready to use.

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