How To Weave From Birch Bark

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How To Weave From Birch Bark
How To Weave From Birch Bark

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The topmost layer of birch bark is birch bark. From the inside, it is a beautiful golden yellow color. As a craft material, it is soft and pliable. Therefore, it is used quite often. Caskets, cup holders, salt shakers and much more made of birch bark - all this is gaining more and more popularity today. Moreover, birch bark crafts can be easily made by yourself.

How to weave from birch bark
How to weave from birch bark

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Step 1

Prepare birch bark. To do this, cut the ribbons of bark approximately 3.5 cm wide. Their length can be different and range from 0.5 to 0.8 m. Do not forget to separate the layers (inner and outer) from each other. This is done like this: wrap the end of the bast (tape) around your thumb. From this, the outer and inner layers of the cortex are separated from each other. The bark can also be harvested from whole pieces of tree bark.

Step 2

Now you can start to weave. One of the options for birch bark crafts is an original book cover. Start by making a template out of cardboard or plywood. Then start preparing the birch bark. Arrange the cut ribbons face up into equal pieces. Then weave them together so that you get a solid canvas. It is most convenient to weave in a checkerboard pattern - it will look neater and the density of the product will increase. Place the template on the finished birch bark canvas and braid it on both sides. Secure with a second layer of woven tapes. Make an extra pigtail bookmark and pin it to the top edge of the cover.

Step 3

Do you want to refine your tableware? Make ordinary glasses extraordinary? Weave the coasters. They are usually round in shape. Therefore, only very narrow and thin ribbons of birch bark are used to weave them. This is due to the fact that this way the braid turns out to be denser. To prevent the glass from breaking during the manufacture of the cup holders, use a specially prepared block as a model. It should resemble a glass in shape. Before starting work, slightly heat the birch bark belts in hot water. This will make them more flexible and malleable. Then lay the ribbons on the working surface (their number should be even) and start weaving. This must be done in a checkerboard pattern. Gently fasten the resulting canvas around the shoe so that it snaps into place and retains its shape. If you want to make the cup holder more original, make it not straight, but jagged edges.

Step 4

Can be woven by placing ribbons at an acute angle to each other. As a result, you will have an angular canvas. You can make it colorful. To do this, alternate the seamy side and the front side of the ribbons (front - dark, seamy - light). If you want to make a bulky item, for example, a box for storing jewelry, then you first need to make a frame. Make center lines from the ribbons, along which you will then braid the product.

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