Neslihan Atagul: Biography And Personal Life

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Neslihan Atagul: Biography And Personal Life
Neslihan Atagul: Biography And Personal Life

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Neslihan Atagül was born into a simple Turkish family. In just 10 years of her career, she was able to achieve fame and fame, and currently Atagül is a popular Turkish TV series actress and model.

Neslihan Atagul: biography and personal life
Neslihan Atagul: biography and personal life

Biography, modeling career and cinema

Neslihan Atagul Dogulu was born in 1992 in one of the largest cities in Turkey - Istanbul. Her paternal ancestors were from Karachay-Cherkessia, and her maternal ancestors were from Belarus. The mother of the young actress is engaged in housework and raising children, and her father works as a driver. In addition to a daughter, the family has an eldest son, Ilkay.

The career of a young model and actress began in 2005, when she was only 13 years old. Then the girl's mother began sending photos to modeling agencies and taking Neslihan to castings in order to get a place in some prestigious advertising campaign. Such efforts fully justified themselves, because in the same year Atagul became the face of a local clothing brand and appeared on the covers of several fashion magazines. In addition, she was quickly offered her debut minor role in First Love (2006).

After the first work, a short break followed, during which Neslihan Atagul devoted all her time to her modeling career. After 2 years, she again took up acting, starting to play in the popular project in Turkey "Listopad".

In 2012, the young actress got the main role on the big screen in the film "Araf", and just one year later she began to play the main character - Neriman - in the television series "Two Faces of Istanbul". The actress quickly gained fame, but only within the framework of her home country. In addition, on the set, she met her love.

The actress achieved world fame in 2015, when she got the leading role in the love drama All That Is Left Of You. Since this year, Neslihan has attracted close attention of viewers and the press, she has become a sought-after actress in Turkish TV series and cinema. She is currently involved in the TV series "Bottom" (released in 2018).

Personal life

Neslihan Atagül met her future husband on the set of the “Two Faces of Istanbul” series. According to the plot, she and the character of Kadir Dogulu were in love with each other, and this love grew into a serious relationship in real life. After 3 years, the thirty-year-old actor made the young model an offer, which she gladly accepted. The first wedding ceremony had to be canceled due to the unexpected death of the bride's father, but in 2016 the celebration took place.

Happy spouses do not have children yet, but they do not think about them yet, since both want to develop in their favorite field of activity - cinema. In their free time, they both love to travel and read books, discussing their favorite stories with each other. In addition, Atagul actively maintains the social network Instagram, where he openly and kindly communicates with his fans.

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