How To Draw With Ovals

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How To Draw With Ovals
How To Draw With Ovals

Video: How To Draw With Ovals

Video: How To Draw With Ovals

Drawing with simple geometric shapes is not as easy as it seems. No wonder one of the first subjects in art schools is "drawing", it is very important to learn to see the components of the image and be able to isolate its simple parts. Let's talk about how to draw with ovals.

How to draw with ovals
How to draw with ovals


Step 1

The first step is to learn how to draw the oval itself. A regular oval is a shape without sharp corners or parallel sides.

Step 2

The far part of the oval should be drawn less, the near one should be more. First, draw a vertical line - the main line of symmetry to build an oval. Then draw a horizontal line, then mark the widest part of the shape on it. Now define the proportions, mark the length and width of the oval with dots. Draw the smaller (far) and larger (near) arcs. With a developed eye, there is no need to build axes.

Step 3

Now let's try to draw a clown fish with ovals. The body of this fish is in the shape of an elongated oval. Therefore, first draw an elongated oval, then "cut off" the excess from the oval, drawing the desired proportions.

Step 4

The dorsal fin of a clown fish is unusual in shape. Draw arched lines, and the closer to the tail, the shorter. Then connect the dorsal fin lines, shade the fins, then draw lines on the body.

Step 5

Now try drawing a turtle. First draw an oval, step back a little from the bottom line and draw another line. You will get a turtle shell.

Step 6

Now draw a circle to the left of the oval shell. Connect the head and shell with thin lines - this is the neck. Draw paws in the form of ovals at the bottom. Draw a small ponytail at the back. Draw cheeks, mouth, eyes. Erase all unnecessary. The turtle is ready!

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