How Best To Learn To Sing

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How Best To Learn To Sing
How Best To Learn To Sing

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If nature has not rewarded you with hearing and voice, this is not a reason to despair. Of course, in the absence of initial data, you are unlikely to become an opera singer. But learning to sing beautifully is quite real.

How best to learn to sing
How best to learn to sing


Step 1

It is best to learn to sing with a vocal teacher. However, if you do not have the opportunity to enroll in a music school, you can do it yourself.

Step 2

Even if a bear has stepped on your ear, you can develop your hearing on your own. First, try repeating monotonous sounds from any object. You will be helped by a dial tone, a holding down a synthesizer key, a sound made by a neighbor's puncher. Try to "hit" the tone with your own voice. You will realize that you have achieved the desired result when the volume of the sound, according to the laws of physics, doubles.

Step 3

Correct breathing is also important for the singer. Imagine you are sniffing a flower. At the same time, your breath is strong, but gentle and neat, and your chest is completely filled with its aroma. Practice this breathing method, first without singing, and then try to sing using the singing breath.

Step 4

Work on your intonation. To do this, you will have to download textbooks from the Internet or take them from the library. Most of them are designed for vocal teachers, but you can learn from them the exercises that you have to do every day if you want to achieve results.

Step 5

If you have problems with diction, be sure to work on fixing them. Tongue twisters, well-known from childhood, will help you with this. Say them slowly at first, then gradually accelerate. Try to read aloud the words of your favorite songs: with feeling, with pauses, pronouncing each sound.

Step 6

Give yourself some quiet days. Rest should be given to both ears and vocal cords. Overexertion negatively affects the emotional state of the singer.

Step 7

Attend master classes whenever possible. No self-study guides will give you as much useful information as an experienced teacher will give you.

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