How To Photograph Cars

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How To Photograph Cars
How To Photograph Cars

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The need to photograph a car arises for everyone who wants to sell their car. And not just sell, but sell at a good price. After all, as you know, successful photographs create the first impression of the purchased car for the buyer. And a lot depends on this.

When photographing a car, it is important to choose the right angle
When photographing a car, it is important to choose the right angle

It is necessary

  • - car
  • - camera
  • - polarizing filter


Step 1

Don't rush to grab the camera. First, prepare your car for a photo shoot. A rare model will agree to appear in films, being dirty and unkempt. The car is the same model, give it a chance to look its best in the pictures. But one should not be limited to washing. Take a soft cloth and wipe off any water droplets left after washing, otherwise they will look sloppy in your photos.

Step 2

Choose a suitable background for your car photos. A jeep against the backdrop of a city street will make as little impression as a sports car in the middle of a muddy road. Large trees, bright houses, and flashy signs will distract attention from your subject and are best avoided as well. Try to find a tranquil landscape, a gray concrete wall, a small hillock, or a plain modern building and use them as a backdrop.

Step 3

It is better to choose the time for shooting in the morning or in the evening. In a light sunny haze, the car will sparkle with colors, and its shapes will not seem so hard and embossed. In the deepening twilight, you can turn on the headlights, which immediately bring the photo to life. Just remember to use a tripod in this case. Hand-held photos will appear blurry and blurry due to slow shutter speeds.

Step 4

When shooting, the sun should be behind the photographer. Do not forget to make sure that unnecessary shadows do not fall on the car. In particular, the shadow of the photographer himself.

Step 5

The human eye always glides across the photo diagonally from left to right. Keep this in mind when shooting, create a leading diagonal when framing so that the photo looks harmonious.

Step 6

Do not cut off the wheels when shooting, and try to always show how they are in contact with the ground.

Step 7

Use a polarizing filter. It will help you remove parasitic glare from both car windows and metal surfaces.

Step 8

Considering all these small features, you will be able to take good photos of your car or not. After all, photographing cars is no less interesting than photographing people.

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