How Beautiful To Photograph Pregnant Women In Nature

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How Beautiful To Photograph Pregnant Women In Nature
How Beautiful To Photograph Pregnant Women In Nature

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Pregnancy is an unusual and very beautiful period of life, worthy of being captured in photos and videos. Despite the fact that studio shooting perfectly emphasizes the beauty of pregnancy, the most interesting and touching photos are taken in nature.


General Tips

When planning a photo shoot with a pregnant girl in nature, do not forget about several important things. It is quite important to "guess" the weather. A beautiful hot summer day for a pregnant woman can be too stuffy and uncomfortable, and long-term photography in winter in nature can lead to colds and related diseases.

Before the photo session, it is recommended to get acquainted with the model, think over a shooting plan, discuss the details of the props and costume, introduce them to the makeup artist and photographer's assistant, if such will be involved in the process. The ideal gestational age for a photo shoot is 32-36 weeks: a woman at this time is still vigorous and full of energy, but her belly is already very noticeable and looks distinct and cute. In the last weeks, a photo session is undesirable for reasons of safety of the expectant mother: walking in nature can cause her discomfort and even stress. In the case of both planner and studio shooting, it is better to ask the model to wear light, flowing clothes that create a feeling of tenderness.

General ideas for outdoor photo shoots

There are several basic ideas for photo shoots for expectant mothers in nature. The first, of course, is shooting a couple. Ideal if young people have the same or similar style of clothing, shared accessories add charming detail to the shoot. You can ask parents to draw colorful posters, take balloons and soap bubbles with you. Playing "as a child", the models will emphasize that very soon they themselves will have a child.

In the summertime, body art can be a great idea for a photo. A pregnant tummy painted with bright watercolors will look very funny and cute.

A photo session of a girl knitting or sewing children's things in nature can look very beautiful. Small booties, hats and scarves will be organically woven into the canvas of photography.

If the child is not the first and he already has an older brother or sister, then the photo session can and should be carried out with their participation. Children who listen to their mother's belly, or paint it with drawings, look charming.

In autumn and winter, when there is no special opportunity to emphasize the state of expectation of the child due to tight clothes, it is better to conduct a photo session in a studio or at home. But if you really want to shoot in a plane, you can “play” with various posters, children's toys, carved on a plotter or hand-sewn letters that form the name of the future baby.

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