How To Make A Glider Model

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How To Make A Glider Model
How To Make A Glider Model

Surely, every person in childhood let beautiful paper airplanes or a simple match with a paper cog at the top, which was a kind of helicopter propeller, from the balcony. Absolutely any child could make such crafts, spending only a couple of minutes on it, but there were so many feelings of joy that it was simply impossible to convey in a single word. Now you can remember childhood, just make not just a paper figure, but a real glider, the flight of which will delight not only a child, but also any adult.

How to make a glider model
How to make a glider model

It is necessary

rail, bar, ribs, wire, sandpaper, glue


Step 1

Take paper and pencil and draw a model of the future glider. You can find models on the Internet.

Prepare a batten about 70 cm long. The cross-section of the rail should be 7x5 mm on one side, and 10x6 mm on the other. This rail will serve as the airframe fuselage.

Step 2

Take a wooden plank and file it, and then sand it with sandpaper. Attach the leading edge of the fuselage to the top ledge of your load (pine block).

Step 3

Make wings for your glider. To do this, you can use simple thin wooden slats, which are initially placed in boiling water, and then bent and fixed in the desired position until completely dry. In addition, the wings can be made of material and aluminum wire, which will be fixed at the edges. In this case, the wire should be bent in the shape of a wing.

Step 4

Bend the ribs (wing stiffeners) with a machine tool. Attach them to the edges with glue so that they are level and straight in relation to each other.

Step 5

Bend the wing gently, after soaking it in hot water and holding it over any heat source, such as a candle. It is important to know that the bending angles of the wing edges should be eight degrees. To do this, it is necessary to check the correspondence of the bending angles to the drawing during operation.

Step 6

Bend the steel wire in a V shape and use it and the pine plank to secure your wing to the base of the glider, and then attach the V-braces to the wings with thread and glue. You need to know that the front mount should be slightly higher than the rear.

Step 7

Take 3 slats 40 cm in length and make a stabilizer. to do this, just moisten thin slats in boiling water and bend. Cover all parts of the airframe with tissue paper and reassemble your aircraft by connecting the rear fuselage to the stabilizer. Make steel wire hooks and fasten them with threads on the fuselage. Launch your glider.

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