How To Make A Fox

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How To Make A Fox
How To Make A Fox

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The cone is the fruit and inflorescence of conifers. This is a simple but diverse material for DIY crafts: they are well sawn, glued and stored for many years. Let's try to make a beautiful forest fox out of cones.

How to make a fox
How to make a fox

It is necessary

pine cones with flat and round crown, spruce cone, birch bark, glue


Step 1

Make the body of the fox. To do this, take two flat bumps. Insert the flat crown of the second under the central scales. Place the structure on the table, and if the cone located across is not on the table, then break off the central scales.

Step 2

Use two pine cones to make the head of a fox. Break off the middle of the spout at one cone with a knife or scissors, insert the second closed pine cone into this place.

Step 3

Next, we will make the small details of the fox's head. For the ears, glue the birch bark so that the bottom layer is on both sides. Cut out the ears and insert them between the scales on the head of our fox.

Step 4

To decorate the peephole, cut out two small circles from the bottom layer of birch bark. To make the eyelashes, fold each circle in half and use small scissors to make four deep cuts towards the fold. Pupils can be made from apple or pear seeds.

Step 5

Now we will make the tail and the front legs. For the tail, take a spruce cone, first break off all the scales, and to make the tail lush, clean the cone with a knife from the base to the crown. For the legs, take two small, half-open bumps and fasten them in a "scale-like" fashion on the body closer to the base of the bump.

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