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How To Draw
How To Draw

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In big sports, and especially in martial arts, in various tournaments and competitions in the field of martial arts there are rules - and among these rules it is important to know by what criteria the drawing of lots of participants in the competition, as well as pairing, is determined and carried out. Read this article to learn more about the rules for drawing lots on the eve of a Muay Thai competition.

How to draw
How to draw


Step 1

During the draw, all representatives of the participating teams must always be present in order to avoid double participation of the same participant in different pairs and infringement of the interests of other athletes.

Step 2

Also, before the draw, all participants must undergo a medical examination and weigh-in to determine the weight category. The draw is carried out by the chief referee.

Step 3

In Muay Thai, boxers are divided into those who participate in the first round and those who are free from the fight.

Step 4

A fight-free system occurs in the first round in order to reduce the number of boxers from 8, 16 or more to four. Boxers who are free from the fight in the first round will go first to the fight in the second round.

Step 5

If the number of the free boxer is even, he will enter the fight first on the second round, competing in accordance with the draw. If the number is odd, the boxer will fight the winner of the first fight of the first round.

Step 6

If the competitor who was free from the fight on the first round does not win on the second round, he cannot ultimately win. Two consecutive victories cannot be awarded to a boxer without a fight - otherwise, a new draw will be held between the contestants who did not receive a free number.

Step 7

The first boxer from the toss will then face off against the boxer who has won the previous round without a fight.

Step 8

The order of fights is determined in accordance with the weight categories of the participants, ranging from lighter boxers to heavy ones.

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