How To Make A Thermocouple

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How To Make A Thermocouple
How To Make A Thermocouple

Video: How To Make A Thermocouple

Video: How To Make A Thermocouple
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A thermocouple is a junction of two metals, which are distinguished by a large difference in the work function of an electron. You can melt two wires and fuse them with each other yourself, using the materials at hand.

How to make a thermocouple
How to make a thermocouple

It is necessary

A vessel (it can be a plastic bottle), 150-250 ml of water, table salt, two wires


Step 1

Take a pre-prepared vessel and fill it with water. Please note that there should not be too much liquid. It should take up about half the vessel or slightly less. Thus, 250 ml of water is the ideal amount for a half liter bottle.

Step 2

Add about 2-4 teaspoons of table salt to the water (that is, the amount of sodium chloride that can dissolve in the water). Salt water is an electrolyte.

Step 3

Take a wire with a plug. Strip a fairly large area on one of the wires. Another option is to hang a small metal electrode.

Step 4

Immerse the wire in water with table salt dissolved in it, that is, in the electrolyte.

Step 5

Screw the thermocouple to the second wire.

Step 6

Connect the wires directly to the outlet, after limiting the current. Install plugs approximately 6-10 amps before proceeding.

Step 7

Dip the thermocouple into the electrolyte. You will be able to see how an arc forms between the surface of the salt water and the wire. Water evaporates, there will be splashes, so everything must be done very carefully. It is necessary to hold for about 2-4 seconds.

Step 8

Remove the thermocouple from the electrolyte.

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