How To Learn To Draw Graffiti On Paper

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How To Learn To Draw Graffiti On Paper
How To Learn To Draw Graffiti On Paper

Video: How To Learn To Draw Graffiti On Paper

Video: How To Learn To Draw Graffiti On Paper
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Contemporary art is diverse and changeable. With the emergence of various directions and subcultures, creativity takes on more and more interesting forms. One of them is graffiti. Previously, it was known only in America and expressed protests of young people. This was manifested in the sudden appearance of bright graffiti on the walls of city buildings. To master the technique of graffiti today, it is not necessary to paint a street wall. You can do this at home on a piece of paper.

How to learn to draw graffiti on paper
How to learn to draw graffiti on paper

It is necessary

  • - Paper;
  • - pencil;
  • - markers.


Step 1

Choose a style for your lettering. To do this, get acquainted with the finished work on the streets of your city or on the Internet. The most popular and suitable for newbies is the “Bubble” style with rounded letters. You can choose sharp or rounded edges, the presence or absence of capital letters, or even make all the letters in different sizes. But remember, it's easier to imitate a style than to invent a new one. You can develop your original style when you learn how to draw graffiti correctly.

Step 2

Be sure to leave enough space between the letters as they will need to be expanded. Try to draw graffiti by making light strokes with a pencil. This will provide an opportunity to correct, if necessary, shortcomings and errors. Take the time and patience to make each letter turn out exactly as you intended it.

Step 3

You can make all lines the same thickness, you can add 3D effects and shading. For example, the top and some of the sides of the letter can be made very wide, and the bottom - tapering. Change the pressure on the pencil to get a feel for the drawing and change the thickness and depth of the outline, where necessary.

Step 4

Try to make the text "going into perspective", that is, moving away from the viewer. To do this, narrow down the part of the recording that will look next. Imagine rails going off into the distance, and mentally substitute the distance between them in your inscription. Add effects to the caption as desired. An additional detail can, for example, be a drop or lightning, depicted by one of the letters. Experiment. Use a highlighter or a darker pencil to darken pencil lines.

Step 5

As you start drawing graffiti more confidently, think about how your drawing will differ from others each time. This can be a certain thematic focus or a special drawing style. Leave the original badge as a signature under each of your work.

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