How To Knit A Rug From Plastic Bags

How To Knit A Rug From Plastic Bags
How To Knit A Rug From Plastic Bags

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Modern needlewomen use the most unusual materials for their products. One of these novelties is knitting from cellophane bags. The result is spectacular, durable and beautiful home accessories. For example, rugs.

How to knit a rug from plastic bags
How to knit a rug from plastic bags

Polyethylene rug: features and materials

As a result of knitting from plastic bags, unusual, durable and very functional products are obtained. Rugs are especially popular. The main feature of these accessories is ease of care: just put the mat in a basin and rinse a little in soapy water.

However, polyethylene knitted rugs have a number of other advantages. The needlewomen assure that there is no better rug for the bathroom and toilet rooms. The product is very warm and pleasant to the touch; when tightly knitted, it does not allow water to pass through and dries quickly. Also, rugs made of plastic bags do not slip or deform.

The advantage of making rugs from bags lies in simplicity and availability. You do not need to create a special base for the product, but you can use any old cellophane to create it.

To knit a functional rug, you need the simplest materials. First, the plastic bags. You can take both ordinary colorless garbage bags and bright cellophane for food. Used carriers will also work. In any case, creating a rug will cost you inexpensively.

Second, prepare sharp scissors or a utility knife to create the "plastic yarn". Third, get the right hook. Its head should be slightly thicker than the knitting material for the process to be easy and quick.

The process and methods of creating a rug from bags

Create yarn before knitting the rug. To do this, cut off the seam for all packages - the bottom edge. Next, cut each bag into even strips (the width depends on the hook number). The final stage is a bundle of cellophane blanks into one "thread". If using bags of different colors, make a separate ball from each.

Preparation of materials is the most painstaking and time consuming part of the work. You need to concentrate so that the strips turn out to be almost the same in width - the appearance of the future product depends on this.

Knit from polyethylene should be the same as from a regular thread. Use different options for the columns: with a crochet, without it, patterned. If you are planning to create a multi-colored product, draw a sketch in advance. This will make it faster and easier to work.

Knitting can be done in different ways, but there are two of the most popular methods. The first is the continuous creation of a continuous canvas. This is how beautiful round rugs are knitted. Solid knitting is ideal for creating other shapes: triangular, square, diamond, etc.

The second way is to collect one rug from many small parts - like "patchwork". This method is especially suitable for you if you plan to make a beautiful bright openwork product. Tie many squares, and then connect them.

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