How To Knit A Hat For A Doll

How To Knit A Hat For A Doll
How To Knit A Hat For A Doll

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A doll means a lot to a baby. In playing with her, the child learns many skills that will be useful to him in life. For example, he remembers the sequence in which to dress for a walk. The doll should have the same things as the baby - tights, boots, jacket, hat. You can start making a didactic winter kit with a hat. It is better to crochet doll clothes.

How to knit a hat for a doll
How to knit a hat for a doll

It is necessary

  • - thread remains;
  • - hook on the thickness of the thread;
  • - doll.


Step 1

Think about what kind of hat you want to knit. The doll can have a beret, a hat-stocking, a hat-helmet with or without a visor. It is very good if you have enough identical threads to make a scarf and mittens to match the hat later. The child must learn not only the sequence of dressing, but also learn to understand which things fit together and which do not. If the child is small, it is better to make a doll's hat with strings so that it does not get lost on the street. Therefore, knit a hat like a bonnet.

Step 2

This hat consists of just one piece. It is a rectangle. Its length is the circumference of the doll's face, and its width is the distance from the bottom of the cheek to the middle of the back of the head. Greater precision is not required here. If the rectangle turns out to be too wide, you can make a lapel and decorate it with simple lace. You can also gather a hat along the bottom line.

Step 3

Start knitting a rectangle on one of the short sides. Cast on a chain of chain stitches. Make a loop on the instep and knit in single crochet stitches. For doll clothes, this is the most convenient type of knitting, especially if the doll is small. The drawing turns out to be quite dense and even. Clothes on large dolls can be knitted with any pattern, including openwork.

Step 4

Knit the hat in a straight line to the desired length. Try your creation on a doll periodically. Imagine that you are putting a short scarf on the doll's head, the ends of which should be exactly under the chin.

Step 5

Fold the finished strip in half, aligning the short edges. Sew or crochet back seam. Sew on the wrong side. If you close the seam with a crochet, then you can make a decorative row. In any case, the following operations are performed on the front side.

Step 6

Tie strings to the open corners of the resulting double rectangle. They are just strings made of air loops. However, a clasp can also be made if these corners close right under the chin. Sew a small button on one, and make an air loop on the other.

Step 7

The hat can be decorated. Tie it with a contrasting thread with the same posts. For a small doll, this will be enough. You can make denticles around the edge of the big hat.

Step 8

Make a brush. Fold the thread several times, tie it at one of the folds. Make the second knot at a distance of 0.5 cm from this fold, covering the entire bundle with the thread. Cut the free ends evenly.. From the corner of the hat, tie a chain of air loops and tie a tassel.

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