How To Make Money In The Sims

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How To Make Money In The Sims
How To Make Money In The Sims

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Every Sim strives to make a lot of money. Like his demiurge. Rather, this demiurge, tired of lack of money in real life, attributes this desire to Sims. Who are they to argue with their creator?

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Step 1

The ways of making money in the Sims 2 can be divided into fast and long-term, dishonest and dignified, thoughtful and dependent on Fortune, easy and laborious, possible on the first day of settling a sim for the lot and depending on the development of skills.


1. The easiest way to get a lot of money is with three codes: kaching, motherlode, familyfunds. The first one gives 1000 simoleons, the second immediately 50,000, the third is entered in the district, the family name and the amount are appended to it. If the family has a Russian surname, the code usually does not work.

2. As the wishes of the sim are fulfilled, bonus points are accumulated. And on them you can get bonus items. Including those that endow the Sim with finances. From the money tree (3000 bonus points), you can get 40 simoleons if the sim is in platinum mood, and 1 simoleon if it is red. And if a Sim has 27,750 Bonus Points, they can counterfeit money using a special machine. If you're lucky. If he is unlucky, he may be fined by the police for counterfeiting money, or the car will simply catch fire.

3. If a Sim has reached certain heights in any career, they can receive a special career reward. Using the rewards earned in the careers of cooking, justice, gaming, politics, hangout, artist, architecture also yields the desired Simoleons.

4. If you have enough money on your account, you can buy a decor item. At midnight, it will rise in value, while any other items, on the contrary, will depreciate.

5. If you install a wind turbine, you will not have to pay utility bills. On the contrary, the sim will be paid for maintaining the ecology in the city at the proper level.

Step 2

Accidental income

1. If a Sim has 1-2 points on the "clean / dirty" scale, he can rummage in the trash can, pulling out and selling small items: an alarm clock, a screwdriver. The money is small, but it can sometimes help out a poor Sim a lot. By the way, when malicious neighbors overturn a garbage can, you can get compensation from them. Sometimes.

2. Money can be earned by raping, playing music on any musical instrument or dancing with fire. In essence, it is legalized charity. It is impossible to guess how much compassionate citizens will serve, and whether they will serve at all.

3. For some Sims, wealth literally falls out of the sky. It all starts like this: an old gypsy woman brings a magic lamp for unknown merits (she's lying, the lamp is issued randomly, no merits are taken into account). A genie sitting in a lamp, upon a request for wealth, presents four bags of money - 10,000, 7,000, 4,000 and 1,000 simoleons. They fall on the Sim's head from the sky and sometimes lead to death. If a Sim has a luxurious garden on their lot, they can get a magic well from the gardening community. Make a fortune and accept bags of money that have fallen from the sky.

Step 3

Put in a lot of work

1. A successful SIM student receives scholarships at the end of each semester and after graduation. If you wish, you can earn extra money doing work for fellow students for money.

2. It is believed that a treasure is buried on the site, and all demiurges give their Sims a shovel. Various things come across. More often stones and bones for dogs, sometimes decor items. The most expensive find is a chest with gold for 5,000 simoleons.

3. If the sim "persuaded" the supreme witch to initiate it, a cauldron appears in the baggage of the newly made sorcerer. And he can brew potions and craft magic items, and sell the surplus through luggage.

4. You can also receive income from fish caught in the pond or from the grown crop. In the crop, you first need to invest the cost of seedlings and fertilizers, then take care of it for a long time. Sometimes the harvest is lost. Everything is like people.

five.You can sell machine-made crafts. But first, invest in the cost of the machine itself.

6. Naturally, the most logical way to earn money is wages. At the very beginning of a Sim's work path, it is insignificant. But as you gain skills, the sim moves up the career ladder, receives higher wages and bonuses. Sometimes he gets chance cards. If he answers correctly, he will receive a very big bonus. Wrong - he may lose his job altogether.

7. A sim can start a business and make money by providing services or selling goods. When the business reaches a certain level, you can choose the benefit of the Finance business and receive cash grants. Lazy Sims start a home business, set up a pay-off machine, dig a pond and … do nothing. The money itself drips into their account, and the fish caught by the visitors ends up in the luggage.

Step 4

Pleasant and easy chores

1. These classes are liked by all demiurges. Your Sim either writes novels and cookbooks on the computer for a decent amount of money. Or draws pictures. The higher the creativity skill, the more expensive the painting is. And after the death of a Sim, it generally increases in value. And again, everything is like that of people.

2. Sims seeking wealth can choose a specific benefit and provide computer financial advice for 200 Simoleons per hour. Or receive income from playing on the stock exchange. The more money in the family's account, the more he can get from the exchange. Although, sometimes the exchange can ruin.

3. If the sim is loving enough, and the demiurge has a lot of patience, the passions of the sim bring him very valuable gifts after dating. You can sell them and never work at all.

4. On hobby lots, Sims participate in various competitions. For example, dancers or cooks. If they have sufficiently developed skills, then there is a high probability of receiving the first prize of 500 simoleons.

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