How To Grow Pistachios

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How To Grow Pistachios
How To Grow Pistachios

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Pistachios are slow growing, drought tolerant trees that thrive in climates that are not suitable for most other crops. Pistachio drupes, both fresh and roasted and salted, are a popular snack around the world, so you should try growing them in your garden.

How to grow pistachios
How to grow pistachios

It is necessary

  • - 2 seedlings of pistachio trees;
  • - shovel;
  • - secateurs;
  • - watering can.


Step 1

Check if the climatic conditions in your area are suitable for the development of pistachio trees. For good growth, the plant needs a hot and rather dry summer and a short winter without severe frosts.

Step 2

The plant requires a sandy soil, in addition, pistachio trees do not tolerate high humidity. Pistachios are now successfully grown in the arid regions of Central Asia, the Middle East and the Mediterranean.

Step 3

Do a soil test. Pistachio trees thrive in rocky, dry, slightly salty and alkaline soils with a pH of 7.0 to 7.9.

Step 4

Purchase seedlings. You will need at least two plants: a male and a female. In general, one male tree is enough for eight female trees, but in a private garden, two will be enough.

Step 5

The pistachio tree can also be grown from seeds. If you manage to get a raw nut (drupe), then you can soak it in a preparation that stimulates growth, for example, "Kornevin", plant it in a sandy substrate, water and cover with lutrasil. It is rather difficult to grow a plant in this way, since the seedlings are very delicate and fragile, but if you put in a lot of work and patience, you can get a lot of planting material.

Step 6

Prepare a planting hole for your trees. Dig a hole about one meter by one meter. The trees grow large - up to 10 m in height, so the distance between the planting holes should be at least three meters.

Step 7

Remove the seedling carefully from the container and inspect the roots. Cut off the damaged areas, sprinkle the cuts with wood ash.

Step 8

Place the pistachio seedling in the hole and cover with soil, periodically tamp it. Water the plants.

Step 9

During the first year, pistachios do not need to be fertilized and fed. Watering once every two weeks in spring and summer will be enough for them, and in September watering should be stopped altogether to help the trees prepare for winter.

Step 10

In the second year after planting, apply universal potash, phosphorus and nitrogen fertilizers, remove weeds and water periodically. In 4-6 years your trees will bear their first fruits.

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