How To Draw A Wolf With A Pencil Step By Step

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How To Draw A Wolf With A Pencil Step By Step
How To Draw A Wolf With A Pencil Step By Step

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The diversity of the animal world of the earth has always inspired artists to create picturesque masterpieces. Pictures with images of a wolf, a bear, a chanterelle and a hare will also help you when illustrating Russian fairy tales. You can draw animals together with children in order to instill in them a love of creativity and nature.

How to draw a wolf with a pencil step by step
How to draw a wolf with a pencil step by step

It is necessary

  • - the pencils;
  • - eraser;
  • - paper.


Step 1

Pre-study the photos of wolves in order to have a more complete picture of the appearance of these animals. Draw three circles: for the head (smallest), front (largest), and back of the torso. Do not try to make the lines straight, they do not exist in nature, it will seem unnatural. Smoothly connect all three circles, draw the neck, chest and back.

Step 2

On the head, mark the location of the eyes, nose and jaw. Draw the ears. In an aggressive wolf, they are pressed to the head. Sketch out the nose. Start drawing paws. To do this, draw them in the form of elongated ovals. Flip the joints of the limbs in the sketch to more accurately depict the anatomy of the beast.

Step 3

Draw a line for the mouth, you can make the mouth of the wolf bared, then the lower jaw will need to be lowered and draw fangs. Detail the nose, give it a more realistic shape, outline the nostrils. If the animal shows teeth, the nose turns out to be slightly wrinkled and raised, do not forget about it.

Step 4

Continue to refine the position of the paws, draw a realistic bend and position of the limbs. Sketch the tail, for wolves it hangs between the hind legs and has the shape of an elongated leaf of a tree. Draw the ears more precisely, outline the fur.

Step 5

Add details in the form of paw pads, wolf feet are wider than dogs. Draw the tail, it should be fluffy enough. Draw the eyes, in animals they are round, and wolf eyes most often have a yellowish tint, the pupil is round. Circle the correct lines, make the outline of the picture clearer.

Step 6

Erase all unnecessary strokes. Now you need to color in the drawing. The fur of wolves is long and thick, it can be depicted using a semi-dry hard brush. Don't make the drawing a solid gray. Wolves can be white, gray, black and reddish. Several shades of paint will make the drawing look more realistic.

Step 7

Don't forget about shadows and highlights. Mark in advance for yourself which side the light will fall on. Choose several shades of lighting effects, this will make the drawing more believable and natural. Be sure to depict highlights on the nose and eyes of the wolf.

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