How To Send A Photo To A Friend

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How To Send A Photo To A Friend
How To Send A Photo To A Friend

Video: How To Send A Photo To A Friend

Video: How To Send A Photo To A Friend
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Photos allow you to capture the most pleasant moments of life. With their help, you can refer to the past, remember funny days, share emotions. Nowadays, you can effortlessly send photos to friends and share a part of your life with them.

How to send a photo to a friend
How to send a photo to a friend

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Step 1

Select a photo. Decide which picture you want to send to the addressee. It is desirable that it be clear, bright and interesting. If the photo is printed and you are going to use the postage, make sure that it will fit in the envelope. If you intend to send an image using the Internet, check its size. This can be done by going to the "Properties" context menu of the photo.

Step 2

Submit your photo by mail. This, already disappearing into oblivion, way of communication can give a certain romance and mystery. It will be convenient even if the recipient does not have any opportunity to use the Internet. Buy an envelope, write the recipient's address on it and put it in the post office box. In terms of time, this delivery method will take from 1 day to 2 weeks.

Step 3

Email the snapshot. To do this, you need to have two things: your email inbox and the recipient's email address. Go to your mail page, click the "Write a letter" section. Next, enter the subject of the letter in the field, for example, "Photo from me", and the recipient's email address. If this is not the first time you send a letter to this person, then perhaps you will find the right address in your notebook. Find the function "Attach a file" and in the window that opens, select the name of the file in which the corresponding photo is stored. Then click the "Attach" and "Submit" buttons. A letter with your photo will be delivered to the addressee instantly, if there are no unforeseen situations.

Step 4

To send a photo, use file hosting. Find sites on the Internet that deal with temporary storage of files. You can upload the desired photo to such a site, and you will be given a link to it. Send this link to a friend and he, by clicking on it, will be able to download your photo to himself. Please note that file documents are stored on file sharing services for a limited time.

Step 5

Send the photo to a friend via social media. You can just upload the photo to your album and your friend will download it later. If you do not want someone else to see the picture, then send the document in a personal message, attaching the desired photo.

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