How To Make A Photo Newspaper

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How To Make A Photo Newspaper
How To Make A Photo Newspaper

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A holiday or just an important event is a great occasion for creativity. Both in the home circle and in the work collective, a photo newspaper will be enthusiastically received, thanks to which you can show yourself and look at others.

How to make a photo newspaper
How to make a photo newspaper

It is necessary

Whatman paper, a pencil, colored pencils, markers of bright colors, a penknife, a ruler, a blank sheet of paper, a stencil (letter height 10 cm), stationery glue, photographs


Step 1

Formulate the theme of the photo newspaper. Understand its concept: it should be serious or humorous, how the newspaper will reveal its topic. Come up with a suitable title or caption that reflects the theme of the photo newspaper. Find beautiful, interesting, funny pictures on the topic.

Step 2

Straighten the drawing paper by ironing it with a warm iron. To create a beautiful background, use a penknife to finely chop the leads of colored pencils onto a drawing paper. Using a clean sheet of paper, use a circular motion to blend the slate chips over the entire surface of the Whatman paper. Press only lightly on the sheet you are shading. The background should not turn out too bright, otherwise the captions under the photos will be hard to read. Shake off the remaining slate chips from the Whatman paper.

Step 3

Use a ruler and pencil to mark the place for the photo newspaper's name. Make the inscription with felt-tip pens using a stencil with letters 10 cm high. You can also print the inscription from a computer, carefully cut each letter and stick it on a Whatman paper.

The title is best placed at the top in the middle, although other options are also acceptable. To make the inscription exactly in the center, make preliminary calculations: multiply the number of letters in the title by the width of the letter, add the total distance that the spaces will take. Subtract the resulting value from the length of the side of the Whatman paper. Divide the remainder by two. As a result, you will find out what distance you need to retreat from the edge of the Whatman paper to the first letter of the name. It is more convenient to make calculations in millimeters.

Step 4

Determine a location for each photo. Apply stationery glue around the perimeter of the back of the photo, stick it on a Whatman paper. Do not spread glue on the entire reverse side - this can lead to deformation.

If you use pictures that you value for the design of the newspaper, resort to another method of securing them. Trace the outline of the photo on the Whatman paper with a simple pencil. Use your pocketknife to make four cuts at the corners of the resulting rectangle. Insert the corners of the photos into the notches.

Step 5

Create a small caption for each photo. Variants of the text can be very different: from a simple indication of the name of the person depicted in the photo, to witty quatrains. Try to keep your signatures legible and easy to read.

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