How To Draw A Rooster

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How To Draw A Rooster
How To Draw A Rooster

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The desire to draw appeared in man many millennia BC. The evidence of this is the ancient rock paintings. Even if the last time you held a pencil and brush in your hands was in a drawing lesson at school, it is never too late to learn this. Of course, you shouldn't expect that your works will immediately take pride of place in art galleries. But you can draw cute animals and birds to please yourself and your loved ones, just by following simple instructions.

How to draw a rooster
How to draw a rooster

It is necessary

sheet of paper, pencil, eraser, brush, paint


Step 1

Draw a large semicircle. This will be the body of the rooster - the largest detail in the drawing.

Step 2

Draw the head of the rooster. To do this, draw an oval over the front of the semicircle. The length of the oval should be four times less than the width of the semicircle. The oval should not protrude too far forward. The rooster's head and chest must end on the same vertical axis. The total height of the head and neck should be equal to the height of the semicircle. This will help you get the correct proportions of the bird.

Step 3

Draw the neck. The neck should gradually thicken from the "head" to the "body". The width of the neck in the place adjacent to the body should be equal to half the width of the semicircle.

Step 4

Draw the tail. The tail line should start slightly earlier than the back of the semicircle so that the tail "goes" over the back. Draw a curved line up and to the side. The point of maximum tail height should be located just above the level of the head-oval. The tail width should match the width of the semicircle. The lower part of the tail joins the body with a straight horizontal line.

Step 5

Draw a leg. Draw a thin line that divides the semicircle into two symmetrical pieces. The rooster's leg should start slightly to the left of this line. The height of the leg should be slightly less than the height of the semicircle. Draw two short leg lines extending to the right at an angle. When the length of these lines is a third of the height of the future leg, sharply change the direction of the lines. They should now go off at an angle to the left. Draw the claws of the rooster. Just draw three triangles.

Step 6

Draw the second leg. From where the first leg folds, draw two short, parallel lines extending at a slight angle down and to the left. Decorate them with three triangular claws pointing towards the ground.

Step 7

Draw a beak. The length of the beak should be slightly less than the length of the head. The width of the beak is one third of the width of the head.

Step 8

Draw a comb. The front of the ridge should come slightly over the beak.

Step 9

Draw the eye. To do this, draw a small circle just above the middle of the head. It should be slightly shifted towards the beak. Draw a black pupil inside the eye. Frame the eye with a line starting from the beak and ending at the base of the neck.

Step 10

Draw a goatee. It should be located under the beak. Use soft, slightly curved lines.

Step 11

Draw the outlines of the feathers. Erase the border between the torso and neck and replace it with a nice “scalloped” collar. Draw a curve from the beginning of the neck down and decorate it with "teeth". These are the rear feathers.

Step 12

Draw a wing. Add large feathers.

Step 13

Draw the tail. Start with the lower tail feathers. They should be shorter. The top feathers should hang over them and be thicker and longer. Shape the feathers in a curved, S-shape.

Step 14

The main lines and contours of the rooster are ready! It remains to paint it to your taste!

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