How To Mend A Hole In Jeans

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How To Mend A Hole In Jeans
How To Mend A Hole In Jeans

Video: How To Mend A Hole In Jeans

Video: How To Mend A Hole In Jeans
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Jeans are one of the most beloved and irreplaceable wardrobe items of every modern person. They are worn with pleasure not only by men and children, but also by women. Very often, unforeseen situations occur, as a result of which a hole forms on the jeans. Do not rush to throw away your favorite thing, mend it yourself.

How to mend a hole in jeans
How to mend a hole in jeans

It is necessary

  • - Scissors;
  • - application;
  • - threads;
  • - a needle;
  • - pieces of cloth or leather.


Step 1

In order to mend a hole in jeans, the first step is to pick up a piece of fabric that is similar in color and texture. They often remain after correcting the length of the pants.

Step 2

Before attaching a piece of fabric to jeans, shape the hole in a certain shape - square or rectangular. On the wrong side of the pants, attach a piece of fabric and baste. Then it remains to sew with a zigzag or a simple stitch.

Step 3

You can sew a hole in your jeans with a piece of fabric of a different texture. This patch will look more original and stylish. For a man, you can make a patch of leather or other rough material, women prefer chiffon and organza. The color of the threads must match and fully harmonize with the fabric and color. If one patch does not look very harmonious, you can make a few more sloppy-looking patches, so you will maintain the chosen style.

Step 4

To mend a hole in jeans, it is quite convenient to use a variety of appliqués in the desired shape and color, which can be purchased at a specialized fabric store. This applique has an adhesive base, so it is easy enough to stick it with a hot iron. Unfortunately, this element is short-lived, as practice shows, it can come off after several washes. Therefore, it makes sense to grab the applique with a few stitches from the edges.

Step 5

If the jeans are torn in a corner, then they can be darned neatly. Use threads of the same color for this. In some cases, it makes sense to choose several shades of thread or alternate them with each other.