What Awaits Us In 2016: Predictions Of Astrologers

What Awaits Us In 2016: Predictions Of Astrologers
What Awaits Us In 2016: Predictions Of Astrologers

Video: What Awaits Us In 2016: Predictions Of Astrologers

Video: What Awaits Us In 2016: Predictions Of Astrologers
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Making forecasts for 2016 is a thankless task. The world is in a state of uncertainty. Astrologers say that events will develop rapidly, and the population of the Earth will witness a real theater of the absurd, when white will be passed off as black and vice versa. Every inhabitant of the planet has a role to play here, and the puppeteers have already prepared a lot of surprises. The only thing that all predictors agree on is that there will be no war on the territory of the Russian Federation.

What awaits us in 2016: predictions of astrologers
What awaits us in 2016: predictions of astrologers

January and February 2016: predictions of astrologers

Conflicts will continue in the world. New Years may be tainted with bad news, but overall January will be a relatively calm month.

In February, bright events will take place in the Russian Federation that will be remembered for a long time. Political passions flare up, negotiability tends to zero, but nothing terrible will happen. It is in February that the foundation will be laid for further prosperity and economic recovery in Russia, however, so far stability in the economy should not be expected. The political struggle is heating up, the peak of the struggle will be in the first ten days of February 2016.

March and April 2016: a busy spring

In the spring of 2016, natural disasters, chaos, destabilization, riots and riots are possible in the world. The most vulnerable regions are Asia, the Far and Middle East, North Africa, island and peninsular states. Fatal events beyond the control of the will of politicians await humanity. All this will happen in March, according to the forecasts of astrologers. Also this month there will be two eclipses - the penumbral lunar and total solar. In society, problems of a moral and moral nature will be revealed. People born under the constellations Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces will find themselves in the most unfavorable zone during this difficult period.

A tense March will be replaced by a no less difficult April, which will become at times of uncertainty. The world will freeze in anticipation.

May 2016: temporary respite

According to astrologers' forecasts, May 2016 will be the most calm and harmonious month. No global shocks are expected.

June 2016: the most unpredictable month of 2016

According to astrologers, June 2016 will be very dangerous and unpredictable. The first five days of this month will be the culmination of a crisis, both political and personal. On these days, it is better to give up long trips and not plan anything important for the first week of June 2016.

By mid-June 2016, the tension will begin to subside, but at the end it will resume with renewed vigor. However, in this difficult period, someone will definitely be lucky and the reward for past merits and a righteous life will find its owner.

July and August 2016: it's time to relax

These two months will be one of the most favorable and calm in 2016. You can relax and devote yourself to your family and loved ones.

In August, some exacerbation of the situation on the world stage is expected, but all possible clashes will rather be of a local nature and serious consequences should not be expected.

For Scorpios, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces, the period is coming when you will need to mobilize all your inner potential in order to maintain your good name and not get entangled in intrigues woven by rivals and competitors.

September 2016: a new round of the crisis

A total solar eclipse will take place at noon on September 1. The first such eclipse was in the summer of 1980, during the Cold War and the aggravation of the political situation in the world. The Summer Olympic Games were held in Moscow at that time. The next solar eclipse took place on August 22, 1998, in the midst of the economic crisis and Russia's default. The probability of a repetition of events is very high. True, the victims of the financial crisis may change, and not Russia, but the countries of Asia, the Americas and North Africa will be under attack.

On September 16, 2016, after the solar eclipse, a lunar eclipse will occur, which will have an impact on the fate of individual people, so it is better at this time not to take part in risky financial transactions, not to take loans and not make large purchases.

October and November 2016: light at the end of the tunnel

Already at the very beginning of October, relief will be felt, pessimism will gradually begin to fade away. It will be possible to start making plans for the future, planning long-term financial transactions, doing simple everyday affairs and solving problems on the personal front.

November will be marked by business activity and decisive action. Creative individuals will be able to show their extraordinary talents. An unusual astrological situation will develop on the 24th. Overnight, someone will become a beggar, and someone will simply be fabulously lucky.

December 2016: time for thoughts and plans for the future

In general, the month will be calm. The time has come to sum up the results of the year. You can safely make plans for next year, a particularly favorable time for this - December 29, 2016.

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