Why Are The Signs Of The Zodiac So Called

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Why Are The Signs Of The Zodiac So Called
Why Are The Signs Of The Zodiac So Called

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Video: Why Are The Signs Of The Zodiac So Called
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Zodiac signs are the main element of astrology. These are 12 sectors (by the number of months in a year), into which the zodiacal belt is divided, according to the astrological tradition of Europe. Each of them has a name, depending on the zodiacal constellation located in this area. There is a version according to which the names of the signs originated from ancient Greek myths.

Why are the signs of the zodiac so called
Why are the signs of the zodiac so called


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Aries is a ram with golden hair. The name of this sign is associated with the myth of the golden fleece. People born under the sign of Aries are seemingly meek, like this animal, but at the decisive moment they are capable of courageous deeds.

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Taurus is a kind and at the same time frantic animal. The origin of the name of this sign is associated with the legend of Jupiter and Europe. The loving god fell in love with a beautiful girl, in order to conquer her, he turned into a beautiful snow-white bull. Europe began to caress the animal, climbed onto its back. And the insidious Jupiter took her to the island of Crete.

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Gemini is the personification of the myth of the brotherly love of Pollux and Castor, who were ready to die for each other. According to legend, during the battle, Castor was wounded and died in the arms of his brother, Pollux was immortal and turned to his father Zeus to allow him to die with his brother.

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The giant cancer dug its claws into the leg of Hercules during his battle with the Hydra. He crushed the cancer and continued the battle with the snake, but Juno (it was at her order that the cancer attacked Hercules) was grateful to him and placed the image of the cancer along with other heroes.

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The Nemean lion is a terrible and formidable animal that has attacked people for a long time in the name of preserving the peace of power. Hercules defeated him. From the point of view of mythology, the lion is an attribute of power. People born under this sign have a sense of pride and great self-respect.

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Virgo is mentioned in the ancient Greek myth of the creation of the world. Legend has it that Pandora (the first woman) brought a box to the ground, which she was forbidden to open, but she could not resist the temptation and opened the lid. All misfortunes, hardships, grief and human vices scattered from the box. After that, the Gods left the earth, the last flew away the goddess of innocence and purity Astraea (Virgo), and the constellation was named after her.

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The name of the zodiac sign Libra is associated with the myth of the goddess of justice Themis, who had a daughter, Dika. The girl weighed the actions of people, and her scales became the symbol of the sign.

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Scorpio, according to one of the legends, stung Orion, who tried to rape the goddess Diana. After Orion died, Jupiter placed both him and the scorpion among the stars.

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Sagittarius is a centaur. According to ancient Greek myths, this is a half horse, half man. In the myth of the centaur Chiron, the main character knew everything and about everything, taught the gods sports, the art of healing and other knowledge and skills that they had to possess.

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Capricorn is an animal with powerful hooves that can climb mountain steeps, clinging to ledges. In ancient Greece, Capricorn was associated with Pan (the god of nature), who was half man, half goat.

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The sign Aquarius is named after a young man named Ganymede, who worked as a cupbearer and treated earthly people at holidays and celebrations. The young man had excellent human qualities, was an excellent friend, companion and just a decent person. For this Zeus made him the cupbearer of the gods.

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The last sign of the zodiacal circle is Pisces. The appearance of its name is associated with the myth of Eros and Aphrodite. The goddess was walking with her son along the coast and they were attacked by the monster Typhon. To save them, Jupiter turned Eros and Aphrodite into fish, which jumped into the water and disappeared into the sea.