How To Cut Jersey

How To Cut Jersey
How To Cut Jersey

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Professional tailors and ordinary people sometimes have to cut knitwear for a particular product. This task is not easy, since you need some experience in sewing, tools and the implementation of some step-by-step recommendations.

How to cut jersey
How to cut jersey

It is necessary

  • - A piece of fabric;
  • - pattern of your future product;
  • - tailor's pins / weights;
  • - tailor's scissors;
  • - tailor's chalk;
  • - dry remnant.


Step 1

Specify, first of all, how much knitwear you will need for cutting. Place a strip about the width of your fabric on the floor or table, which is spread out to be cut. If the fabric is 1.40 m wide, place a 70 cm strip. Lay out your pattern on it.

Step 2

Make sure the thread is parallel to the fabric. In any case, you can find the best option and buy the required amount of knitwear. Add 10 percent in the length of the cut, since you will also need to decorate the fabric.

Step 3

Place the fabric on a smooth surface. It is advisable that you have a large table with a width of at least 80 centimeters and a length of 2 meters. It should be covered or covered with a non-slip substrate such as a blanket or cloth. There is another option - cut on the floor. There are even advantages to this: you can spread out a large piece of fabric, and besides, it will not slip very much on the carpet, as on a regular table.

Step 4

Fold the knit in half, wrong side out, so that hem is towards hem. This is the most optimal way, since you only need 1 paper pattern of all the details. You can also fold the fabric across. This happens if it has a coupon on one side, or other remarkable features that emphasize such a layout of the details.

Step 5

Place the pattern on the fabric, keeping in mind the preliminary layout, pinning it in with pins. There is also an option to press down the knitwear with small weights, but this will be much more difficult. Never pin to the substrate! Use chalk to mark the lines along which you will cut. Don't forget to move all the marks from the pattern onto the fabric!

Step 6

Now proceed directly to the sewing of knitwear. A few words should be said about the tool. Buy quality tailor scissors if you don't have one. For beginners, the medium utility scissors are fine.

Step 7

Keep all items of paper pattern until you have made your item. By the way, the pattern can be used more than once, if it has not lost its quality. If you made changes after fitting, mark which ones exactly.

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