How To Sew From Jersey

How To Sew From Jersey
How To Sew From Jersey

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Knitted clothes are gaining our love more and more. Indeed, jersey things fit perfectly. Skillfully tailored clothing emphasizes the figure's dignity and removes its imperfections.

How to sew from jersey
How to sew from jersey

It is necessary

Knitted fabric, sewing machine with knitted stitch function or overlock. Sewing skills are desirable


Step 1

The assortment of fabric stores includes a variety of elastic fabrics. There is jersey with elastane fibers, there is jersey made of cotton with viscose - it does not stretch very much. There is loose jersey, there is dense jersey jersey - a beautiful elegant fabric. There is a very thin, smooth, shiny jersey that stretches the same way in any direction.

If you are already an advanced, experienced dressmaker, it will not be difficult for you to sew a thing, be it a summer top, a simple T-shirt or an elegant knitted dress with drapery. But if you have a minimum of sewing skills, do not be discouraged.

Step 2

It is necessary to follow simple rules. Knitwear is sewn with a narrow zigzag stitch or a special elastic stitch (if available on your sewing machine). It is best to have an Overlock machine and sew knitwear on it. Then you do not need to involve your other sewing machine in sewing. Overlocks are three-, four-thread. It is better to stitch canvases on a four-thread overlock. The seam turns out to be durable, beautiful, completely professional.

Step 3

The pattern must be placed very neatly and clearly, taking into account the direction of the looped column on the knitted fabric. Allowances for seams are not less than 1.5 centimeters. The hem of the product is three centimeters. We cut it out, examined the received details. On very soft fabrics, the cut edges are processed with oblique non-woven ribbons. Non-woven fabric is a thin fabric that can be ironed to a cut piece. Non-woven tape, one centimeter wide, is ironed along the edge. After half an hour, you can start sewing. Before the main stitching, it is advisable to sweep the parts with a thin needle and thin thread.

Step 4

The neck can be processed in several ways. The easiest one is to bend it inward by half a centimeter and sew (already on a typewriter) with a double needle. There is a special needle in the machine accessories. How to use - it is written in the instructions for the machine, there is nothing complicated about it. We sew the sleeves (or armholes) and hem in the same way.

But the thing can be made even more interesting. For example, sew a stand to the neckline, cuffs to the sleeves. Then we cut out the missing parts and sew with an overlock to the neck and sleeves.

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