How To Decorate A Box

How To Decorate A Box
How To Decorate A Box

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Often different boxes accumulate in the house - from under shoes, pastries, sweets, tea. Don't rush to throw them away! A little imagination and strength - you can get an original gift wrapping, a beautiful box for storing jewelry, sweets, tea, small items for needlework. The outer side is decorated with a film, beautiful wallpaper, fabric, as well as beads, rhinestones, flowers, bows and so on. The inside of the box can be decorated with straws, cloth, or simply painted over. Consider several options for decorating boxes.

How to decorate a box
How to decorate a box

It is necessary

Box, scissors, glue, old magazines and newspapers, decoupage card, napkins, beads, rhinestones, twine


Step 1

Roll sheets from newspapers or magazines onto a knitting needle. You need to wind it obliquely. You should get thin tubes. Glue the end of the sheet. Draw any geometric pattern on the lid of the box. Stick the straws according to the picture. After the glue has dried, cut off the unnecessary protruding parts of the tubes. Glue one tube around the perimeter of the lid. The rest of the box can be painted or covered with film or cloth.

Step 2

Cut out the fragments you like from magazines, postcards, tickets with scissors. The more there are, the better. You can use Zig-zag scissors, or simply pull out the fragment with your hands. Glue the randomly generated pictures onto the box. It is better to start gluing with large fragments. Bend the pictures from the edge of the box inward (so they will not come off when using the box). Wait until the glue is completely dry and cover the box with acrylic varnish.

Step 3

Take a box of any shape. Cover it with acrylic paint in one coat. After the paint is dry, start decorating the box. Take mulberry paper or plain napkin and tear it into small pieces. Use glue and a paintbrush to glue them onto the box. One or more layers can be made. Tear out or cut out 2-3 small fragments from the decoupage card. Immerse them in warm water for 15-20 seconds. Remove excess water and glue it onto the box. Glue twine or twine to the rim of the lid. Decorate the box of your choice with beads, buttons, mosaics.

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