How To Make A Box With Your Own Hands

How To Make A Box With Your Own Hands
How To Make A Box With Your Own Hands

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The creativity of hand-made lovers today is limited only by their imagination. Moreover, objects that have already served their time are ideal for handicrafts, in a different guise they receive a new birth. This makes home hobbies not only good for the soul, but also very practical. A perfect example of such a craft is a homemade casket. There are many options for creating it with your own hands.

How to make a box with your own hands
How to make a box with your own hands

It is necessary

  • To make a box made of solid cardboard and fabric:
  • - sewing machine;
  • - non-woven fabric;
  • - tissue remnants;
  • - braid;
  • - a cardboard box that keeps its shape well (for souvenirs, cups, shoes);
  • - fabric glue.
  • To make a homemade plastic box:
  • - glue gun;
  • - scissors;
  • - beads and seed beads of various sizes and shades;
  • - a transparent box of any shape and size;
  • - satin ribbon to decorate the product;
  • - a needle;
  • - double sided tape.


Step 1

Handmade boxes can be used both as functional items and as decorative elements of the interior. To create a box with your own hands, you can use a variety of materials. However, it makes sense to first consider the options that will be the most organic and acceptable in the product. For example, homemade paper or cardboard boxes do not hold their shape very well, and it is already difficult to put anything in them. But if you take a solid base for these materials, for example, a tin box, hard plastic or chipboard, then you can get real masterpieces.

However, you need to be careful with the choice of the base for the box. Biscuit, perfume or tea boxes made of tin will serve well in this capacity. If you have a thin chipboard, it is ideal to make a base out of it. The shape of the base can be very different, according to your taste. Think in advance about the size and model of the box, whether it will be with a lid or not, on legs or with a flat bottom.


Step 2

The interior decoration of the box is very important, which many neglect, focusing mostly on the appearance of the product. This is fundamentally wrong, since when opening a beautiful thing, it can be extremely unpleasant to look at a carelessly executed interior. Any homemade box must be made with high quality from all sides. The interior decoration is the most striking evidence of the skill of the needlewoman and her good taste.

Finishing the inside of the box must be done before you grab the outside of the item. It is best to trim the inside of the box with a beautiful and pleasant to the touch fabric. To do this, measure the walls of the base of your box, cut out pieces of the appropriate size from the selected material and paste over the box with them. In this case, glue is the best solution to the problem. But it must be of high quality, glue the fabric, processing only its edges.


Step 3

After finishing work on the base and the inside of the box, you can proceed to the design of its appearance. To do this, you can take any fabric, paper, pieces of plastic, shells, rhinestones, sequins, artificial flowers, rivets, buttons. That is, it can be anything that you can securely fix on the walls of the box. Just before starting the decoration, it is recommended to draw up a sketch of the appearance of the product so that you do not have to subsequently remove the already fixed design elements.

The most popular and most often the best finishing option is fabric. Choose the material of the desired texture, color and density. Measure the outer dimensions of your box and cut out the fabric elements. It is again best to fix the fabric on the walls of the box with glue.

The fabric can be glued tightly over the entire surface or left free by fixing the fabric with glue only at the edges. When implementing the second option, evenly distribute a synthetic winterizer or cotton wool between the fabric and the wall.This will make your homemade jewelry box more lively, soft and pleasant to the touch. Pay special attention to securing the fabric to the top of the box, this must be done very carefully. Then the whole product will look neat.


Step 4

On the fixed fabric, sew or glue buttons, sequins, beads and any other decor you wish. For example, you can create a pattern of laces, beads and threads on the walls of the box. Connect all your imagination and sense of taste.

At the end of the work, do not forget to erase the traces of glue, remove all unnecessary threads. Now your box is ready, you can fill it as you like and find a place for it in the interior of your home.


Step 5

Homemade box made of solid cardboard and fabric

To make a box according to this option, you will need initial skills in working with a sewing machine. Create a pattern on the fabric according to the cardboard box you have chosen as the base. Leave 2 cm for seams on each side. Sew the cover of your future box on a sewing machine. If you have minimal skill in patchwork technique, create a box shell from different shreds. It will take more time, but the finished product will look much more interesting and original.

Cover the inner sides of the box with non-woven fabric. Next, use textile glue to glue the fabric cover of the box. To close sloppy corners, glue them with beautiful tape. Decorate the box lid in the same way. This homemade box is ideal for storing small items, jewelry, cosmetics or handicrafts.


Step 6

DIY plastic box

This option for creating a homemade casket is quite simple, ideal for beginners in needlework. Prepare all the necessary materials from the list. First, degrease the sides of the plastic box so that the decorative elements adhere well to the surface. Consider the decor of your homemade jewelry box in advance. You can create original patterns from beads in the shape of your favorite flower or arrange it in any order. In the first case, first apply the image with a needle to the plastic, and glue the beads and beads along the lines obtained.

Having marked the patterns, take glue and apply to a small area of ​​the box, immediately apply beads and beads on it. In this way, apply patterns on all the walls of the box, in the next step, glue double-sided tape around its perimeter. Attach a satin ribbon to it. If you wish, you can take a tape longer than the size of the box and leave both ends of the tape free. So it can be tied with a beautiful bow, this will add romance and charm to your box.

Decorate the box lid. To do this, also glue double-sided tape to its edges and put a satin ribbon on it. Decorate the top surface of the lid with beads and beads in the order you want, it will be very harmonious if you support the same pattern that you used to decorate the walls of the box.


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