How To Drink Scotch Whiskey

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How To Drink Scotch Whiskey
How To Drink Scotch Whiskey

Video: How To Drink Scotch Whiskey

Video: How To Drink Scotch Whiskey
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Scotch is a classic whiskey native to Scotland. The basis of its preparation is barley, which is dried in a peat oven, or rather on one that is melted with peat. That is why the taste of this drink is unique, mysterious and elegant. Scotch whiskey is stored in bourbon sherry barrels, which gives it a dry oak flavor. It should be noted that it is not recommended to mix Scotch whiskey with other drinks, as this will spoil its taste.

How to drink scotch whiskey
How to drink scotch whiskey


Step 1

Never mix the scotch of whiskey with cola, as is customary with other drinks. If the whiskey tastes harsh, you can add some low salt water. You can also add a couple of ice cubes to the glass.

Step 2

To drink this alcoholic drink, it is customary to use glasses with a thick bottom in the shape of a tulip. Experts say that it is this shape of the glass that will convey all the features of the aroma and taste of whiskey.

Step 3

It should also be noted that the scotch is drunk chilled. To do this, before use, you can put it in the refrigerator for twenty minutes or in cold water for a couple of hours.

Step 4

Shake the bottle before use. Never decorate glasses with various fruit slices. Whiskey is a serious drink.

Step 5

Do not pour the glass to the brim, about 35 grams of the drink will be enough. It is believed that a fully poured glass is a sign of bad taste.

Step 6

Scotch whiskey should be drunk without straws and in small sips, savoring and tasting its taste and aroma. Enjoy every sip and do not rush to swallow it, try to feel the whole range of tastes.

Step 7

Also, do not eat it with anything, it will kill all the charm of this drink. There is no need to rush with portions. It is customary to make the intervals between the use of 30 minutes. Remember - whiskey is a pretty strong drink and should not be overused!