How To Make A Diary

How To Make A Diary
How To Make A Diary

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Probably, there is no such girl in the world who would not keep a diary in childhood, and would not hide the cherished notebook under her pillow. Someone abandoned this occupation, but someone still continues to share their cherished dreams with a "friend". The choice of notebooks and notebooks allows you not to think about the design of your innermost thoughts. But every girl wants the container of her secrets to be individual.

How to make a diary
How to make a diary

It is necessary

colored paper, glue stick, photographs, magazine clippings, stickers


Step 1

It doesn't take much effort to make a personal diary your second self. It is enough to decorate a notebook or notebook with your photographs, photographs of relatives and friends. On the first pages, you can put a photo-story about yourself. Then, many years later, when you open the treasured notebook, you will be able to remember much more.

If you like to describe in your diary only vivid events that happen to you, place photos after the entry. Examining cards from parties or going to concerts (especially if they are accompanied by recordings of impressions) is very entertaining.

Step 2

If in a diary you like to describe everything that happens around, collages from magazine clippings will help you add personality. You can, for example, set aside several pages for the image of a dream, and form what you want from different pictures: learn English (British flag), go to Bali (ocean photography), lose weight (photograph of a slender girl), get married (wedding dress) etc. After a while, it will be possible to supplement the collage with fulfilled desires (take a photo of the certificate of completion of the courses, yourself in a wedding dress, etc.).

Step 3

If you love handicrafts, then it will not be difficult to arrange a diary to your liking. Paste the cover with colored paper, lace, beads, attach beautiful ribbons to the endpapers so that none of your secrets will appear to anyone but you.

On the scrapbooking forums (this is the name of this direction), you can find many ideas and tips on how to arrange a diary.

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