How Interesting It Is To Design A Personal Diary

How Interesting It Is To Design A Personal Diary
How Interesting It Is To Design A Personal Diary

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I always want to make my personal diary beautiful, colorful and inspiring. In order for it to become like this, there are different ways of design, they are very simple, but very interesting. The diary becomes individual and memorable.

How to make a personal diary
How to make a personal diary

It is necessary

  • - scissors
  • - glue
  • - magazines and newspapers
  • - Printer
  • - stickers
  • - the cloth
  • - design paper
  • - pencils, pens and markers
  • - everything bright that comes to hand


Step 1

The beginning of the design lies in the title. To give the page individuality, you need to come up with an interesting title that will fit the topic of the page. Now write this headline down in pretty handwriting that will look unusual and stand out from the rest. The headline can also be cut from a magazine or newspaper.

Step 2

Now you need to fill the page. This can be done in a number of ways. The first way is to use stickers. This is the easiest option. Buy different beautiful stickers, choose the best ones, post them on the page in different order and position. These stickers can be outlined with markers or pens.

Step 3

The second way is to use printouts. Search the internet for various inspirational pictures, print them out and paste them into your diary. It can be inscriptions, pictures, headings, sketches, and anything you like.

Step 4

The third way is to use pictures from magazines. Surely, you have a bunch of old glossy magazines in your house, they can be used perfectly. There are just a lot of interesting and beautiful pictures, tips, ideas. Cut out everything that seems interesting to you from there, paste it into your diary and create thematic spreads. Scrapbooks are perfect for themes: style, fashion, hairstyles, girlish secrets, etc.

Step 5

Multi-colored ribbons and scotch tapes can serve as an excellent decoration. It is best to glue them along the edges of the sheets, this makes the page stand out and makes it brighter and more saturated. They are usually sold in handicraft stores and are very inexpensive.

Step 6

And, of course, don't forget about scrapbooking paper. There are a lot of types of such paper on a variety of topics. In addition, such paper can be made even at home from plain paper, napkins and cling film.

Step 7

In order to somehow diversify the techniques in which the design of the diary can be performed, you can use different pieces of fabric. They are immediately striking and look very unusual, and also create some kind of coziness. Patterns, shapes can be cut out of the fabric, you can write and even draw on it.

Step 8

Well, in order to fill the diary with content and meaning, you can paste inside various photos, tickets from the cinema, theater, receipts, and other memorabilia. Looking at them, you will undoubtedly remember those joyful days pleasantly. Or you can create separate spreads from them. By gluing them in strict order, you can even create an unusual calendar.

Step 9

The next way is to use candy wrappers from sweets and sweets. This option is good because we like to wrap sweets in bright, colorful, shiny packaging. She just can bring a lot of color and brilliance to your diary. By the way, many candy wrappers have a beautiful drawing, this is even better.

Step 10

Applique is good, but a diary cannot do without your drawings, so draw, paint, because this is a piece of your soul that you put into your personal diary. And you can draw any picture, while it is not always possible to find the corresponding picture.

Step 11

Last but not least, use rhinestones, sequins, nail polishes. They can fill in empty spaces that often ruin the entire page.

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